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    Jun 2012
    Met a Mykenzie today. No, it's not just a misspelling of Mackenzie, it's pronounced My-Kenzie. I guess everyone has their own tastes, as Mavis or Saskia (two of my favorites) will probably be ridiculed just as much by most.
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    My little cousins have a friend named Jazzmyn. She's a precious little girl, but I despise the spelling of her name. It's just... tacky. What made it worse is when I found out that her brother's name is Caleb. Jazzmyn and Caleb make zero sense as siblings. Jasmine and Caleb would have worked though!
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    My mom told me that when she was teaching, there was a kid whose parents tried to register him for school, called Toothpaste. Apparently, the school refused to register him under that name.

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    Manchester, UK
    I've had such a good laugh reading this thread!!

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    Feb 2013
    I have three facebook friends with baby girls named Payton/Peyton/Paidyn. Just not my favorite.

    I also know an unfortunate little girl named Fallon, which I know is a legitimate name, but I really dislike it. I think it sounds so masculine. Like Talon or Felon. Ick.

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