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    Noah (Noa) is a legit Hebrew girl's name. My first thought when I saw Havah was Chava, also a Hebew name. I believe it's a variation.

    KC-Ann is pretty awful, though.

    I know a Carson (g), Eythan (b), Erin (b) and Dung (g), pronounced doong.
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    Well I know a baby called Nirvana. At first I couldn't get past the band connection but I actually really like it now, she suits it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by hayley88 View Post
    A girl I went to school with has named her daughter Beige Diamond. Shocking.
    Oh I think this one is my favorite . . .

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    I fully expect that is the reaction I will get to all my future kid's names...Who are we to judge each other's choices harshly?
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    I used to work in a baby shop in quite a rough area of the city I live in, a woman came in with twin girls called Dolce and Gabanna.... I kid you not.

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