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    Quote Originally Posted by stuffd View Post
    esmerelda jellybean
    get out!!!!
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    I found out yesterday that my 20 year old cousin and her husband are naming their soon-to-be son Crayton. I shudder with revulsion, because all I can hear is "cretin". Poor baby. :-(

    Oh no... maybe they'll change their mind at the last minute? Oh dear.
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    I did see a post in the Telegraph (posh english paper) for:

    Ophelia Kitty


    Kitty Underhill

    I shall never understand the British middle classes! (M.C. Beaton)
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    While substitute teaching I had a class with a "Queen", a "Urmajesty", a "Diamond" and a "Princess". You should have seen me taking roll call.

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    I was just having this conversation with my mom, who was an educator her whole career. She once had a girl named Luscious Tits, one named Barbara Wire, and one named Female.

    I've had some strange names while subbing, but I think the one I hated the most was Sirfrederick, because it was a title name and he certainly didn't act like a Sir. (please vote!)

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