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    A baby girl named Swayze. (Must've really liked Patrick Swayze!)
    A little boy named Salt. Older brother and sister had 'different' names, as well.
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    I bumped into a girl that I went to high school with and she has 6 kids. I know right. Anyway, she like my girls names and then told me her kids names: Qwest, Jennesys, Amandeene, Kassarah, Mykon and the baby is Tanari. I couldn't tell if it was a boy or girl.
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    I was a teacher at a daycare for a few years and heard some very unusual names while I was there. The most memorable, though, would have to be two sisters with the given names of Princess and Mahogany.
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    When I worked in retail we had a customer who came in just about every day named Blue Green. First name Blue Last name Green. When I first heard his name I thought it was a joke, but it sadly isn't. He graciously passed it on to his son, Blue Green Jr.
    I also went to school with a girl named Mariah whose middle names were Autumn Candy Rain. She hated them and only used Autumn, but not before everyone in our class found out.
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    I think these conversations always benefit from a link to the Snopes page about baby names:

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