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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    loving the thread, had to step in here. The name is Shahid (pr sha-heed), which means 'mighty.' In no way like shithead.
    I went to school with a Shahed (pr Sha-head) - maybe the Sha could come out more like a Shi in some accents which could go some way to explaining how the Shithead urban myth came about, possibly more of a misunderstanding of pronunciation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cka View Post
    While I do admit that there are some pretty bad names here, one thing that troubles me with these kinds of threads is the judgemental aspect of them. In my experience children are very open minded and non-judgmental when it comes to names, until they learn otherwise, and they learn to be more judgmental from adults of all people, their parents, their teachers, and other adults around them such as parents of friends etc. These judgements can then lead to more teasing and it becomes a viscious circle where adults say they don't condone teasing but in fact were often the igniter.

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    I totally agree!
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    My neighbour named his new born son Murdo, which means son of a sailor, and he's in the navy so its a nice thought.

    And a 15 year old girl in my sister class at school named her son J, not Jay, just the letter J.
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    Poor, poor children :/

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    I have to say, I've never met a child who had a really crazy name. But, if I did, I would definitely say something to their parents! I think sometimes people need to say "What the hell?" when someone names their child something ridiculous!
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