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    I work with kids so I've seen some real horrors. The worst ones are the ones that sound totally made up or are spelled so kre8tively that you can't imagine how to even pronounce them. I love unusual and under-used names but I think there's a line you can cross and end up burdening your kid rather than creating a special identity for him/her.

    My most recent find: Naytchalie (prounced Ne-cha-lee).

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    Quote Originally Posted by danimari View Post
    Shithead is a legit Arabic name.... at least I think it's Arabic. When I was in elementary school, my best friend's family was from Lebanon and she had a cousin named Shithead.
    loving the thread, had to step in here. The name is Shahid (pr sha-heed), which means 'mighty.' In no way like shithead.
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    Okay, I just saw a baby named KryssTal. Why?

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    When I was working in retail I heard all kinds of crazy names. One mother named her sons Flame, Blaze and Spark and her daughters Rainbow and Fairy. I thought she was joking when she told me kids names.
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    Names I've seen with my own eyes...

    Terriyaqkie (male)
    Daiquiri (male)
    MC Cherry (male)
    Missunique (female)
    Peachdra (female)

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