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    Recently, an old high school classmate of mine friended me on Facebook. I saw that she has 3 children: Ja'Don, Jere'Mihia, and Jadi'Kyss. I could MAYBE get over the names themselves if it wasn't for the misplaced (and completely unnecessary) apostrophe. Seriously? What was she thinking?!

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    Aston and Chevy Martin. Twins. Yep. Surname Martin. Both girls!

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    Some people say that when I say my oldest is called Vita. It's like....well I didn't like Rita but I wanted a name that rhymed with Rita, and we loved Vita. And my middle, Kitty. Her real names Katherine.

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    i know boy names for girls are popular, but I recently met a girl named Conner...
    Crushes: Casper & Isobel.

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    Worst name bar none I've ever heard for a baby, or a person period, is Contagion. I heard that in a doctor's office. This woman had named her little toddler that, I ended up having to ask her if I had heard the name correctly and why she named her kid that. Apparently she thought it sounded good. I think she was miffed when I told her what the word meant.

    Now since moving up here to Michigan and being pregnant, going to doctor's offices and reading the newspaper, I've heard/read some baby names that make the redneck names I grew up hearing seem classy. Names like Anaeya, Aevery, Naeomi, Giyah, MonCherri, Zayvion, Jalen, K’Lynn, Jay’veion, Addalynn, Brystal, Braxtyn, Zohe, Jaelynn, Raelynn, Brecklyn, Daylin, Challiss, Jessalyn, Brinley, Emaliya, Rylynn, Za’yin, Messiah, Odyssey, Outlaw, etc.

    Some of the names make me think, What is wrong with you people, can't you spell? And some of the other names, I don't see how that poor girl can grow up to be anything other than an exotic dancer working at a strip club. Seriously, MonCherri and Odyssey?

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