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    Quote Originally Posted by ellie532 View Post
    Jezlynne Be'Rieah! Ugh! I smiled and then rolled my eyes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by greyer View Post
    I met a teenage girl camping once whose name was Sassafras, NN Sassy.
    I love the name Sassafras! Obviously I'd never use it but it's one of my guilty pleasures. I also have a character named Sassafras!
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    A friend once told me about a family she knew in which the children were all given names like Sterling, Silver, China, Crystal, etc. Apparently people called them "the dishes family" because every one of them had names related to tableware or dishes. O.O
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    Quote Originally Posted by ozdust View Post
    Ryanne is actually a legitimate name. It's an Irish girl name.
    I've searched online and I can't find a legitimate source saying Ryanne is a legitimate Irish name. I think its one of those names that databases say is Irish, but isn't. In my own experience I've never met or heard of a Ryanne (of any pn) and I've lived in Ireland my whole life.
    Not suggesting you're mistaken or anything, just curious about where you found that information.
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    I tend to end up really liking the names that give me pause at first...6 years ago one of my in-laws had a baby named Georgia which which was really surprising at the time and I loved it! Now everyone else seems to love it too...but it was strange at that time and everyone was talking behind the poor couples backs. My friend just had a boy Robin, which a lot of people didn't like, but I think it's cute and naturey more than comic bookish! One friend of mine gave his son the mn Mortimer which I don't think I would go for as a fn, but it was so cute as a middle on this cute little old man looking baby!

    I guess I like most strange names as long as they aren't very pretentious or confusing to the eye.

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