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    Quote Originally Posted by peakaboo View Post
    Wow some of these names are nuts!
    I went to a high school reunion a couple of months ago and one of my former classmates brought her children along.

    Breeze Harmony, Rainbow Skye and Willow Zedekiah, yes Willow is a boy!

    I politely asked where the names came from and their mom replied, "their father wanted them to be something in the world, their names set them up for stardom!" I had to contain myself from cracking up right in front of her. Well with those names they sure will be something, the laughing stock of the classroom!
    Sorry if I offend anyone, I just wasn't a fan!
    love Willow for a boy
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    I just found a relative in my family tree. His name was Sterling. Not so bad, right?
    His middle name? Wait for it.... Price.
    Sterling Price. It's a bit... monetary for me.
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    Quentin, but spelled "Cwentun"

    Jemimah (as in syrup, or Puddle-Duck)

    Ryan - for a girl

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    Wow, there are some really bad ones! Esmeralda Jellybean has to be the worst though! I mean, Jellybean, really?

    I've heard of la-a, that's just bad.
    My DH told me of an Axel Elvis he heard of. We about died laughing. Not because of Axel, or Elvis, but the names together. And my hubby is a guns and roses fan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alecto View Post
    Quentin, but spelled "Cwentun"

    Jemimah (as in syrup, or Puddle-Duck)

    Ryan - for a girl
    I'd like the name Jemima if it was spelled without that final H.
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