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    I used to be a teacher, and one family that went to my school had three kids, Gianni (g), Gimanni (b), and Gianna (g). It was just awful. I was always getting their names mixed up.
    Matilda, Louise, Zoe
    Gregory, Ezra, Simon

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    Quote Originally Posted by plum and peridot View Post
    I met a mom who had one daughter named McKenna. Okay, I thought... not my favorite name. Nevermind-- she was also cradling a brand new baby girl, so I eagerly asked what her new baby's name was, thinking she had, um, moved on from McKenna. Her answer "MacKenzie". OH.

    << crickets chirping >>
    Bwuahaha this was the funniest post I've read in a long time! :P lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by weegingerfaerie View Post
    It's a pussy in UK, never referred to as Kitty.

    Kitty is a really cute nn for Katherine.
    It's the same here in the US. Kitty might be a regional slang term where Jersey_grey is but it's certainly not widespread. I've used Kitty as a nickname myself and i've never heard anything about it as a slang word.

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    Wow some of these names are nuts!
    I went to a high school reunion a couple of months ago and one of my former classmates brought her children along.

    Breeze Harmony, Rainbow Skye and Willow Zedekiah, yes Willow is a boy!

    I politely asked where the names came from and their mom replied, "their father wanted them to be something in the world, their names set them up for stardom!" I had to contain myself from cracking up right in front of her. Well with those names they sure will be something, the laughing stock of the classroom!
    Sorry if I offend anyone, I just wasn't a fan!
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    I met a girl today who immediately made me think of this thread. When she said introduced herself, I thought she said her name was Alexandra. Then I saw it on paper-not Alexandra but Alecksandra. Talk about a yooneek spelling. It just looks terrible.

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