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    I choose Vivienne to go with the boys and Vivienne Harper or Vivienne Winter are very cool.
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    Definitely LOVE Vivienne! So gorgeous! I will be the first to say I kinda like Vivienne Hadley. Somethin a little different about it. What are your sons middle names? That may also help a little.

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    So I guess I'm in the minority, because I love Quinn with your boys! Quinn Hadley would be my pick, but Quinn Harper is nice as well.

    Aiden, Teaghan, Kingston, and Quinn. Has a ring to it.
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    I think Vivienne Winter is beautiful, that totally gets my vote. But, I also really like Vivienne Juniper. lol.
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    LOL Can I just give her 2 first names Know one thinks Vivienne sounds to mature for a little girl? I like them both If anyone has other suggestion please let me know anything different. I am hoping when I see her that we will just be able to decide. You are all so sweet and I really appreciate all your help!

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