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    Mine's Tom but T is going to be a little tricky...

    1. Theo Walter
    2. Theresa May (t) "Tess"
    3. Tobiah John (t) "Tobe"
    4. Talullah Amity "Lu"
    5. Tamar Elsie "Tay"
    6. Tabitha Louise "Tibby"
    7. Tate Robinson
    8. Thayer James "T.J"
    9. Titania Grace "Tania"
    10. Tennyson Charles (t) "Tenn"
    11. Thackeray Thomas (t) "Ray"
    12. Tucker William "Tuck"
    13. Thaddeus Arthur "Thad"
    14. Thiago Michael "Tig"
    15. Thierry Joseph "Ari"
    16. Tuesday Alice "Tue"
    17. Thelma Jean "Tillie"
    18. Thalia Rose "Lia"
    19. Tove Juliette

    I did the same order as the the Duggars too
    under construction

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    F 1.) Matilda "Tilly" Rose
    F 2.) Magdalena "Lena" Christine
    M 3.) Maximillian "Max" Robert
    M 4.) Malcom "Mal" James
    F 5.) Margaret "Maggie" Olivia
    M 6.) Magnus Daniel "Danny"
    M 7.) Mason "Mace" Samuel
    M 8.) Markus "Mark" Liam
    F 9.) Marjorie "Jorie" Elisabeth
    F 10.) Marianne "Marie" Sophie
    F 11.) Makaela "Kay" Catherine
    F 12.) Madeleine "Maddie" Alicia
    M 13.) Matthias "Thias" Cedric
    F 14.) Marissa "Issa" Sarah
    M 15.) Manuel "Manny" Harold
    F 16.) Maleah "Leah" Pauline
    F 17.) Mackynsie "Kensie" Iris
    M 18.) Malaki "Mack" Thomas
    F 19.) Mallory "Lorie" Charlotte

    I started with M, but I realized by number 8 that I had all Ma names, so I went with it!

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    My Husbands name starts with an A so:

    1. Avery Josephine
    2. Audrey Marie
    3. Aaron David
    4. Alden James
    5. Aidan Jacob
    6. Althea Jane
    7. Amos Michael
    8. Abram Dean
    9. Alice noelle
    10. Annie Renee
    11. Ace Caleb
    12. Autumn Sophia
    13. Adalynn ruby
    14. Aries summer
    15. Alec Daniel
    16. Ashleigh Claire
    17. Amelia Grace
    18. Aylah Paige
    18. Abbott cole

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    1. Alistair Leopold
    2. Althea Noor "Thea"
    3. Amias Edmund
    4. Atticus Henry "Kit"
    5. Albion Walter
    6. Arthur Fitzwilliam
    7. Araminta Storm "Mina"
    8. Adelaide Rose "Ada"
    9. Archibald Wolf "Archie"
    10. Alaric Thatcher "Ari"
    11. Aurelia Cadence (twin)
    12. Astoria Valentine (twin)
    13. Algernon Rhys "Algie"
    14. Augusta Pearl "Auggie"
    15. Arianne Minerva (twin)
    16. Annalise Magnolia "Annie" (twin)
    17. Auberon Forrest "Bear"
    18. Absalom Pierce (twin)
    19. Atlas Peter (twin)

    Ugh, this was so hard. I don't have a SO, so I used my first initial for the names.
    just a confused teenberry.

    Leo XXX | Malcolm Pierce | Alistair James
    Georgia Helene | Cordelia June | Ramona XXX

    proud momma of tech babies Algernon "Algie" & Theodosia

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    Oh cruel world, my husband's name is Quinn, I'm going to have to get creative here.

    DD: Quilla Ayn
    DS: Quentin Broderick
    DD: Quippy "Pippa" Catherine
    DS: Quincy "Cy" David
    DD: Quorra [Cora] Elise
    DS: Quigley "Lee" Federick
    DD: Quelle "Elle" Gráinne
    DD: Quadrille "Adri" Henna
    DS: Quiver Ian
    DS: Quicken "Ken" John
    DS: Quillon "Lonny" Knox
    DD: Quarrelet "Lettie" Lyric
    (I got three of the same number in a row, so I'm making them triplets)
    DD/DD/DD: Qatara "Tara" Maisie/Qeri [Carrie] Nora/Qiana [key-AH-na] Olive
    DD: Quotidianne Posey
    DD: Quarry "Rye" Rosalind
    DS: Quarrenden "Denny" Stephan
    DS: Quandry "Andy" Thomas

    Glad I don't have 19 children named after my husband. Phew.
    Senna Elizabeth
    Tobias Everett

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