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Thread: Quiz!

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    Daughter #1:
    FN: What month is your birthday?
    January: Journey
    February: Fianna
    March: Matilda
    April: Abilene
    May: Minnie
    June: Jubilee
    July: Josephine
    August: Avery
    September: Sinclaire
    October: Ophelia
    November: Nyla
    December: Delilah

    MN: What Day?
    1-10: Marie
    11-20: Grace
    21-31: Rose

    Son #1:
    FN: What is your favorite color?
    Red: Roman
    Blue: Bennett
    Green: Gregory
    Yellow: Yves
    Pink: Paxton
    Orange: Otto
    Purple: Parker
    Other: River

    MN: Favorite Season?
    Winter: James
    Spring: Sebastian
    Summer: Johnathan
    Fall: Ray

    Daughter #2:
    FN: Favorite flower:
    Rose: Reese
    Orchid: Odele
    Tulip: Talia
    Daisy: Delphine
    Hydrangea: Hattie
    Other: Seraphina

    MN: What is the letter of your FN?
    A-J: Isabelle
    K-S: Florence
    T-Z: Evelyn

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    DD: Ophelia Grace
    DS: Yves Jonathan
    DD: Odele Isabelle

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    Britberry (Wales -UK)
    Daughter #1: Ophelia Grace

    Son #1:Parker Johnathan

    Daughter #2: Talia Isabelle
    *Britberry* Dani
    ❤ B&L❤
    Love thinking up name combos

    Fave combos:Sawyer Phoenix Castiel?~Logan Elijah Mark~ Elijah Talon Jakob~ Xavier Kye (Kai) Roscoe~Spencer Devon Mitchell / Kairi Peyton Alana~ Marnie Isabeau Grace~ Wynter Amethyst- (Mysti/Thya''Thea'') Nova Madisyn~Cailyn Schuyler ❤
    GP's: Castiel. Auron (Oren) Gunner, Orion, Roman, Zeke.

    Not trying but thinking of the future..

    "All you need is a little faith, trust, and pixie dust." -Peter Pan.

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    Lincoln, NE
    Lilia Nightingale Timothea Claire Poesi Martine •• Augustus Rhythm Bastien Vincent Gaspard Martinius

    Agnes ~ Clara ~ Esther ~ Signe
    Angus ~ Graham ~ Johan ~ Vincent

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    Rhode Island
    Me: Sophie Isabelle Goldberg (Solomon).
    DH: Edward Raphael Goldberg.

    1. Jubilee Grace Goldberg.
    2. Paxton Ray Goldberg.
    3. Seraphina Isabelle Goldberg.

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