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    LN: Duggar

    10. Jason Michael

    4. SD
    Sophie Danielle

    3. 5

    Birth 1: Daughter - Danielle Amanda
    Birth 2: Son/Daughter - Matthew Robert and Chloe Elizabeth
    Birth 3: Son - Rory Mason
    Birth 4: Son/Son - Noah Nathan and Nolan Nicholas
    Birth 5: Daughter/Daughter - Delilah Jasmine and Lucy Avery
    Sophia's Names:

    Girls~ Olivia Grace, Cassidy Ellen, Orla Alice, Isobel Raine, Amabel Jaclyn, Bronwyn Noelle & Madeleine Greer
    Boys~ Deacon Matthew, Reilly Brooks, Sawyer Evan, Liam Jordan, Elliott Noah, Rowan Jude & Gage Michael

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    LN: Duggar

    2. James Andrew

    Ruth Maria


    8. 14

    Children: (roll once for each birth)
    1. Son
    2. Daughter/Daughter
    3. Daughter
    4. Son
    5. Daughter/Son/Son/Daughter
    6. Son/Son
    7. Daughter
    8. Daughter
    9. Son
    10. Son/Daughter

    Naming Rules:
    Birth 1: named after one of the parents
    Son- James Campbell Duggar
    Birth 2: both first and middle names can NOT end with 'A' or 'N'
    Son- Thomas Andrew Duggar
    Birth 3: there must be a 'Y' in one of the names
    Daughter- Lucy Mabel Duggar
    Birth 4: first and middle names must start with the same letter
    Daughter-Daughter: Gwendolen Gloria Duggar and Georgiana Grace Duggar
    Birth 5: one of the names must be after a song
    Son. Alfred "Alfie" George Duggar
    Birth 6: one of the names must start and end with the same letter
    Daughter/Daughter: Eleanore May and Harriet Nancy Duggar
    Birth 7: both names must be two syllables each
    Bridget Mary Duggar, Henry David Duggar, Arthur Rupert Duggar, Lyra Erin Duggar
    Birth 8: both names must start with a vowel (doesn't have to be the same vowel)
    Son/Son: Edward Charles Duggar and Ivan Patrick Duggar

    Gwen and Georgie
    Nora and Hattie
    Birdy, Harry, Arty and Lyra
    Teddy and Ivan

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    LN: Duggar
    DH: Jedidiah Robert
    DW: Lacy Paige

    DD: Delilah Paige
    DS/DS: Nathaniel Zane & Matthew Jake
    DD: Aubrey Jade
    DS/DS: Daniel Drake & Dominick Drew
    DD: Lucy Blaire
    DS: David Ross
    DD: Olivia Elle (skipped to naming rule #8 since I hade a one syllable mn sibset going)

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    Jedediah Robert
    Noemi Solange

    1. DS1: Solomon Novak
    2. DS2: Nero Harbor Thames
    3. DS3: Twain Aloysius
    4. DS4&DD1: Absalom Ark & Antigone Ask
    5. DD2: Abigail Molly Maeve
    6. DD3, DS5, DS6 & DD4: Remember Tess, Taft Chazaiah, Cyriac Mordechai, & Miriam Fifer
    7. DS7&DS8: Fearless Speaker & Steadfast Arrow
    8. DD5: Aster Eirini Olive
    9. DS 9: Othello Pollux

    Saul (19) Nero (18) Twain (15) Aksel & Tish (14) Molly (12) Ember, Taft, Kai & Mimi (11), Fess & Stat (7) Aster (4) Tell (2)
    Mama to Isolde (Feb 2012) & Poet (Aug 2013)
    Argo Arrow Astrophel Aura Beau Chocolat Cocoa Coraline Dandelion Dodger Doe Dragonsong Echo Eve Fable Fifer Hawkeye Indigo Ivan Kingsmark Luck Madrigal Mercury Minerva Oz Penna Poem Raspberry Sapphire Sonnet Story Theodelinda Tundra Wolfgang

    names and stories and such

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    LN: Duggar

    DH: John David

    DW: Cordelia Rosaline

    Births: 4

    Birth1: Johnathan Daniel
    Birth2: William Matthew & Scarlett Jolie
    Birth3: Myra Thalia & Liv Kayla
    Birth4: Calista Cosima

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