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Thread: Your Big Family

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    Nov 2012

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    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Christian Andrew and Natalie Alexis McGrath

    Anne Maisie McGrath
    Arthur Finn McGrath
    Fiona Matilda McGrath
    Rosa Victoria McGrath
    Arabella Rose McGrath and James Theodore McGrath
    Elinor Helena McGrath
    Colin Jude McGrath and Eliza Desiree McGrath
    Felix Anthony McGrath
    Tatiana Amelia McGrath
    Edith Laura McGrath
    Amelie Louisa and Lucienne Christina McGrath
    Meredith Lily and Violet Nancy McGrath

    Annie, Archie, Fiona, Rosie, Bella, Theo, Elly, Colin, Eliza, Felix, Tatiana, Edith, Aimee, Lucy, Mer and Nancy.
    Zelia • XXI • Film and royalty connoisseur • I have a multifandom blog and one about royals
    Exporting old Danish names as well as Greenlandic names and sibling names
    Henry Ásgeirr Edmund • Alexander Adelin Lórien "Sasha" • Amaury Charles Theo • Asa Fionnbharr Ivik
    Cosima Ingrid Zenobia "Mimi" • Matilda Ivalo Galadriel "Maz" • Asta Catherine Françoise • Aviaaja Margaret Undómiel "Avi"

    GPs: Atticus Aksel Inigo • Cosmo James Ilasiaq "Jem" • Fabiola Agnes Lúthien • Olga Alvaret Cleopatra "Gini"

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    LN: Hammond

    DH: Christian Timothy Hammond
    DW: Julia Natalie Hammond

    Birth 1 (Boy): Deacon Clay Hammond

    Birth 2 (Girl): Agnes Bronwyn Hammond

    Birth 3 (Boy/Girl Twins): Gideon Micah & Felicity Clementine Hammond

    Birth 4 (Boy): Percy Christian Hammond

    Birth 5 (Boy/Boy Twins): Jairus Kade & Josiah Chase

    Birth 6 (Boy/Boy Twins): Crispin Patrick & Leo Timothy Hammond

    Birth 7 (Girl/Girl/Girl Triplets): Juliet Tallulah, Ivy Scarlett, & Cora Jezebel

    Birth 8 (Boy): Felix Jacoby Hammond

    Birth 9 (Girl/Boy Twins): Seraphina Mallory & Asher Gabriel Hammond

    Birth 10 (Girl): Adele Natalie

    Birth 11 (Boy/Boy Twins): Milo Kennedy & Nicholas Parker Hammond

    Birth 12 (Girl): Tabitha Ruby Hammond
    I'm a young writer who's obsessed with baby names!!!!!!!!
    Favorite names coming soon...

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    Rhode Island

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    LN: Marsden

    DH: Shane Paul
    DW: Julia Brooke

    Birth 1:
    5. B/B
    Names: Fletcher Karl & Hunter Cade

    Birth 2:
    3. G
    Name: Evangeline Willa

    Birth 3:
    3. B/G
    Names: Jethro Byron & Julia Ruby

    Birth 4:
    6. G
    Name: Layla April

    Birth 5:
    4. B/B/G
    Names: Jayden Ace, Jesse Cole, & Alora Beatrix

    Birth 6:
    4. B
    Name: Rex Christopher

    Birth 7:
    4. G/G/G
    Names: Alice Lana, Cora Mabel, & Serena Scarlett

    Birth 8:
    3. G
    Name: Maya Bianca

    Birth 9:
    6. G/G
    Names: Anastasia Lily & Cassandra Leila

    Birth 10:
    5. G/G/B/B
    Names: Hilary Katherine, Josephine Diana, Adam Edward, & Michael James

    Birth 11:
    5. B/G
    Names: Danika Elena & Alexander Paxton

    Birth 12:
    1. B/B
    Names: Derek Mason & Spencer Jacob

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