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    Narrowed down to 4 names - Ava, Ruby, Lydia & Ivy.

    From the list I posted the other day, I have done some thinking and realised that out of my long list the only ones I absolutely love and really keep coming back to are Ava, Ruby, Lydia & Ivy.
    So now I would love your help to choose the best one out of these 4.
    I want a name that isn't too trendy, prefer timeless and classic but don't mind if it's too common. Am trying to avoid giving my daughter a name that she will end up having to pronounce and spell her whole life and mostly just one that I won't get sick of cos I can be pretty indecisive!

    Which do you like best?
    Current Favourites: (Girls): Ava, Ruby & Mia
    Current Favourites: (Boys): Jack/son, Noah, Leighton & Hudson

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    I personally like Ivy & Ava best.

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    Lydia fits the style and timeless appeal you are seeking.
    Names I admire but can't necessarily use myself: Adela, Berthe, Beryl, Calliope, Celeste, Cleo, Grete, Guinevere, Isadora, Lilac, Lisette, Lucienne, Maelle, Marilla, Marisol, Melina, Ottoline, Pascale, Sibyl, Zara, Zinnia. Boys: Alasdair, Alcott, Anders, Augustine, Barnaby, Evander, Felix, Gilbert, Graham, Hugo, Julian, Kyrill, Leif, Lev, Malcolm, Maxfield, Morgan, Montgomery, Orion, Orlando, Rhys, Roman.

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    My vote is for Ruby! I have an older relative Ruby and she wears it so well.
    *Magnolia Alice /Evangeline Wildflower/ Evangeline Luna Blue / Anouk Evangeline / Coralie Willow/ Adelaide Clover / Adelaide Sofie Grey/Genevieve/Guinevere Luna Neve / Georgiana Ismay Pearl / Eugenie Marigold/ Ondine Atalune Fleur/ Liliana Amoret / Cordelia Olive/ Beatrix Wildflower/ *

    *Osias Jude/Augustin /Thatcher/ Ignatius /Hawthorne/ Benedict
    Atlas Peregrine/ Asher Thiago Wolf /Hugo Caspian Sage/Beau/ August/ Maximus Odin*

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    I love Ava, I think it is the most timeless and classic of your options.
    Descending order from there:
    Fave names: Astrid, Anise, Annika, Cleo, Gabrielle, Holly, Marnie, Mardi, Miranda, Miriam, Poppy, Sydney

    I'm from Australia, so when I'm referring to popularity I'm using Aussie lists.

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