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    I can't think of one good reason to share your names ahead of time. No one has a problem sharing negative opinions before a baby is born, but most people will not say anything bad about a name once the baby arrives. Also, people might "steal" your names before your baby comes. I don't discuss names with anyone but my husband.

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    I share on here and I share with my best friend and with my mother. I know my mother will be totally honest without hurting my feelings. She'll tell me she doesn't like something without being so negative it hurts.

    If you do choose to share, don't share with everyone. Share with the people you know will give you constructive criticism and positive comments and not just "omg I hate that so much!" It's good to get negative comments IRL you just don't need them to be so negative that you change your mind. Try not to let what other people say effect you too much.
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    I agree with dantea. It is difficult to not share, for me, but at the same time I really dislike it when (on the occasions I have shared) I mention a name I love (Ronan, for example) and no one but me likes it. "Oh, that's a horrible name!" "People will always misspell/misprounounce it." REALLY, people? And unfortunately, I'm a people pleaser. So that is definitely something for me to take into consideration. I only share with my husband, my mom and my MIL. All give good opinions and constructive criticism without being mean. Everyone else can find out afterward.
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    Not pregnant yet, but will be TTC soon! We will absolutely NOT be telling anyone our names, nor do we tell anyone what we like now. The only person I've shared my names with is my 10 year old niece, who I'm very close with, and she knows how special it is that she's the only one I share with =) I learned the hard way. We told people we loved Sloane for a little girl and got such awful reactions that it completely turned us off from using the name. I was so bummed because I just LOVED the name!

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    We are definitely not sharing! I've already tried sharing a few with the future grandmothers which has ended up scratching a few off our list, at least temporarily anyway. I think people just naturally assume by asking their opinions we are asking for possible negative reactions!!

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