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    My mom (she's Chr1stine D1@nne) has four siblings (two of them living) - St3phen (married to Ju.dy), K@thleen, P@tric1a, Dav1d. I don't know middles.
    My dad (he's M1chael Anth0ny) has one brother - St3ve. Dunno about his middle.
    None of my uncles and aunts have any kids.
    My mom also has two married stepsiblings who do have kids.
    K@ren and R1ch - Br@dley, Sofi@, L30 and Br3tt
    M@rk and B@rbara - L.ucy and M@x

    ETA: actually I think K@thleen's middle name might be Marie and P@tricia's might've been Ann/Anne? Not 100% sure though.
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    My mum is Trudy. Her older sister was Judith. Neither have middle names.

    My dad is Richard John (goes by John). His siblings are: Barry James, Helen Margaret, Trevor Anton and Darrel Mark. Anton was my grandfather's name and Margaret was my grandmother's name.
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    My mom: Andrea Michelle
    Her parents: James Wesley and Helen Louise
    Her sister: Carol Ann
    Her brother: James Barnett

    My dad: Mark Timothy
    His parents: Mark Quillan and Joan Kelley
    His brothers: Jeffrey Todd and Barry Chadwick
    His sister: Cheri Lee

    My name: Ashton Blair
    My siblings: Chelsea Kathryn, Hannah Malee, Cannon Lee, Alexis Nicole, and Ainslee Shea
    Lily, Evan, Nora, Evalyn, Evie, Olive, Jewel, Eloise
    Lincoln, Lennox, Evan, Finn, Jude, Quillan, Jonah, Noah, Owen

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    Me and my brother: T@ra Amber, Ry@n Conn0r

    Mum's side: He1en M@ry, D@vid, M1chael and 1an (Uncle's middle's are unknown but there is a John for one of them)

    Dad's side: Teres@ Ann, V1nson Ger@ld, Ger@ld Andrew, Andrew Adri@n, Adri@n Andrew

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    My grandfather was Edward (Ted) and his brother Lenard (Len)
    My grandmother is Brend@ M@ry and her sister is Rita
    As for my other grandmother her name is Ann and has many siblings but I can only remember her sister's name Ida and June

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