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    My mom (she's Chr1stine D1@nne) has four siblings (two of them living) - St3phen (married to Ju.dy), K@thleen, P@tric1a, Dav1d. I don't know middles.
    My dad (he's M1chael Anth0ny) has one brother - St3ve. Dunno about his middle.
    None of my uncles and aunts have any kids.
    My mom also has two married stepsiblings who do have kids.
    K@ren and R1ch - Br@dley, Sofi@, L30 and Br3tt
    M@rk and B@rbara - L.ucy and M@x

    ETA: actually I think K@thleen's middle name might be Marie and P@tricia's might've been Ann/Anne? Not 100% sure though.
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    My mum is Trudy. Her older sister was Judith. Neither have middle names.

    My dad is Richard John (goes by John). His siblings are: Barry James, Helen Margaret, Trevor Anton and Darrel Mark. Anton was my grandfather's name and Margaret was my grandmother's name.
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    My mom: Andrea Michelle
    Her parents: James Wesley and Helen Louise
    Her sister: Carol Ann
    Her brother: James Barnett

    My dad: Mark Timothy
    His parents: Mark Quillan and Joan Kelley
    His brothers: Jeffrey Todd and Barry Chadwick
    His sister: Cheri Lee

    My name: Ashton Blair
    My siblings: Chelsea Kathryn, Hannah Malee, Cannon Lee, Alexis Nicole, and Ainslee Shea
    Neely Mae

    Shiloh, Presley, Lily, Evan, Mae, Nora, Evalyn, Evie, Olive, Jewel, Eloise

    Lennox Evan

    Lincoln, Evan, Finn, Jude, Quillan, Jonah, Noah, Owen

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    Me and my brother: T@ra Amber, Ry@n Conn0r

    Mum's side: He1en M@ry, D@vid, M1chael and 1an (Uncle's middle's are unknown but there is a John for one of them)

    Dad's side: Teres@ Ann, V1nson Ger@ld, Ger@ld Andrew, Andrew Adri@n, Adri@n Andrew

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    My grandfather was Edward (Ted) and his brother Lenard (Len)
    My grandmother is Brend@ M@ry and her sister is Rita
    As for my other grandmother her name is Ann and has many siblings but I can only remember her sister's name Ida and June

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