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    Fern, Nova, Sylvia (means forest) any other earthy suggestions?

    Fern, Nova, Sylvia (means forest) any other earthy suggestions? Thank you!

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    Thank you for your response. I do love Violet, it was even my great-grandmothers name, but worry about it's popularity and future rise on the lists. My son is Finn and it is getting way more popular than I like (it really suits him though)

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    I suggest you think widely- eg :
    Gem names from the Earth- Sapphire, Ruby, Opal
    Ocean/water names: Marina
    Herb/spice names: Sage, Saffron, Tansy
    Flower names: Daisy, Rose, Magnolia
    Indirect flower names: Alyssa
    Tree names: Ash

    Also you could choose a name that means Earth.
    Love Fern- but it seems very close to Finn IMHO.

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    Terra! Very pretty and underused.
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