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Thread: Azalea?

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    I love this name! I would pronounce it like the flower: ah-ZAY-lee-ah. When said quickly it can sound more like uh-ZAYL-ya. Zaley is a cute nn.
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    I say it more like "ah ZALE ya" I think it makes a great name and with singers Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks (who I think says her name differently) I think the name could become more familiar but not big.
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    A-zay-lee-uh, like the flower. Though it's too exotic for me to use myself I would be pleasantly surprised to meet an Azalea. It has a beautiful sound.

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    I've never thought about this as a name, but it sounds beautiful! I'd pronounce it like the flower as well - A-Zay-Lee-Uh.

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    I think it's a cool alternative to the more obvious flower names. If she didn't like it when older she could introduce herself as Leah

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