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    Call Center Employees Game Round 3


    Now its time for kids.

    Biological Kids 12 sided die
    1-8 = that number 9-10 = none 11-12 = roll 4 sided die for number

    Biological Child Age:
    -If parent is under 50. Take Parent's age -15 and roll a die that's that number. All numbers that number except the highest number is an infant.
    -If parent is over 50. Roll a 35 sided die and add the number of years over 50 the parent is.

    Adopted Children
    1. none
    2. none
    3. Roll 4 sided die for number
    4. none
    5. none
    6. Roll 6 sided die for number
    7. none
    8. none

    -Take Parent's Age -20 and roll for age.
    -If parent is under 20 you choose age.

    Step Children
    1. none
    2. roll 6 sided die
    3. none
    4. none
    5. if parent is over 35 roll 4 sided die
    6. none
    7. roll 4 sided die
    8. none

    -Roll 20 sided die and add to the age of their oldest child together.
    -If that doesn't make sense, you choose age

    Gender for All: Odd-Male Even-Female

    Roll for First and Middle Names for Kids
    1. Boys: (first or last name of actor)
    2. Starts with T
    3. Contains an R and I
    4. Boys:
    5. (native american and romanto)
    6. Boys: Duke, Baron, Alabama, Romeo, Bronson, Bandit, Charlie, Justice, Ross, Rowdy, Julius, Cricket, Monty, Brutus, Julian, Berry, Neptune, Bear, Camden, Teddy, Theo, Cody, Jake, Lance, Cheveyo, Jasper, Buster, Normandy, Churchill, Patton, Diamond, Seamus, Dakota, Irish, Enapay, Navajo, Eagle, Willy, Howard, Alastar, Sinatra, Prancer, Quinn, Brinleigh, Albert, Milo, Norman, Tigger, Ruben, Kirbie
    Girls: (from pages 1-10)
    7. (top 200)
    8. Animal Name
    9. (average and 1st or 10th name)
    10. One syllable Long
    11. Starts with I
    12. Starts with U or V
    13. Same Number of Syllables as Last Name
    14. Food Name
    15. Same Number of Letters as Last Name
    16. Contains an H and E
    17. Boys:,raven,owl
    Girls: (pages 11-20)
    18. Boys: Kaliber, Chrome, Zack, Zeek, Sunny, Midnight, Kado, Mick, Jynx, Murphy, Ace, Rex, Cooper, Dexter, Meredith, Baxter, Lad, Lachlan, Audrey, Fallon, Maverick, Ozzy, Chipper, Oscar, Good, Grateful, Dunwoody, Flag, Sand, Fish, Nuke, Ichabod, Chipotle, Shadow, Hanzel, Tom, Wilbur, Jack, Miles, Tucker, Sammy, Napoleon, Quint, Montey, Jaz, Eladio, Julius, Hercules, Mac, Topaz
    Girls: Sunny, Midnight, Kado, Jynx, Scarlet, Morning, Star, Shanti, Akela, Cecilia, Juliet, Iris, Audrey, Fallon, Macy, Candy, Dream, Dearest, Elizabeth, Flair, Good, Grateful, Ani, Misty, Honey, Kevyn, Cayenne, Shadow, Felina, Niah, Winnie, Meah, Mae, Sybil, Prim, Wendy, Ariel, Juliet, Maple, Sammy, Jaz, Avery, Gloria, Kiara, Matahari, Topaz, Callie, Myra, Eliza, Darby
    20. (your choice)

    Round 4 Coming for Grandchildren.
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    1. Shiloh Tiana Baby (26) {bi}
    --DW: Laney Dora {Bru} Baby (30)
    ---Postal Carrier
    ----DS: Derrick Rhett Baby (5)
    **Shiloh and Laney used a donor for Laney to have Derrick 5 years ago.**

    2. Felicia Rose {Rant} Garrison (30)
    ----DS: Oscar Nanuq Rant-Gay (14)
    ----DD: Margo Jayne Rant-Gay (13)
    ----DS: Chris Isaac Rant-Gay (11)
    --DH: Armstrong Harold Garrison (30) "Army" --Virginia's nephew--
    ---Undercover Cop
    ----DSD: Aylin Tiana Edwards (16)
    ----DSD: Rebecca Dee Edwards (15)
    ----DSS: Kyle Taft Edwards (14)
    ----DSS: Fiachna Duke Edwards (13)
    ----DSS: Tyrique Prince Garrison (7)
    ----DSD: Rickiana Ariana Garrison (6)
    ----DS: Vance Quinn Garrison (4)
    ----DS: Bruce Ilric Garrison (4)
    ----DD: Ilena Alexa Garrison (3)
    ----DD: Tabby Jessy Garrison (2)
    ----DS: Thyme Hrafn Garrison (1)
    **When Felicia met Army 6 years ago, she had 3 kids with her high school boyfriend and he had 4 kids with his high school girlfriend and 2 kids with another ex who at the time were 1 and 2 months. They were married 6 months later and got pregnant on the honeymoon with twins. They now have 5 kids together.**

    3. Minnie Michelle Gracie (34)
    --DF: Omar Jaylen Priscilla (32)
    ----DD: Gayle Natalie Gracie-Priscilla (14)
    ----DD: Meredith Kristina Gracie-Priscilla (11)
    ----DS: Michael Maximus Gracie-Priscilla (10)
    ----DS: Ron Ichabod Gracie-Priscilla (10)
    ----DS: Dayton Jacob Gracie-Priscilla (8)
    ----DS: Cooper Jensen Gracie-Priscilla (1)
    ----DD: Rennie Olivianna Gracie-Priscilla (7 months)
    **Minnie and Omar have 7 kids now. Their first daughter was born when Minnie was 20 and Omar was only 18. They've been engaged since then but haven't been in any hurry to make it official.**

    4. Jaylen Sean Gordon (22)
    ----DS: Tyler Griffin Santana (6)
    ----DS: Winston Wren Lynch-Gordon (1)
    **Jaylen has two sons by two different mothers. He is there for both boys all the time. He shares custody with both mothers.**

    5. Virginia Jasmine Garrison (61)
    ----DS: Vaughn Alexander Garrison (36)
    **Virginia has one son Vaughn who she had in her mid-twenties. The father was a married man so when she discovered she was pregnant and that he wasn't going to leave his wife she left town to raise her son on her own.**

    6. Folton Leopold St. Thomas (59)
    ----DS: Tenskwatawa Chris Gallegos-St. Thomas (32) "Chris"
    ----DD: Sierra Elle Sims-St. Thomas (21)
    ----DD: Calista Ziti O'Connell (9)
    **Folton has three kids with three different women. He loves being a dad but isn't very good at being in a relationship.**

    7. Cathryn Florentine {Cox} Sandler (20) "Cat"
    ----DS: Victor Quinton Wood (3)
    ----DD: Irma Paula Wood (1)
    --DH: Berkley Quincy Sandler (20)
    ---Maintenance & Repair Worker
    ----DSD: Taja Macy Nunez-Sandler (3)
    ----DSD: Tesla Clarity Nunez-Sandler (2)
    ----DAS: Unity Elijah Sandler (1) "TT"
    ----DAD: Cherish Tina Sandler (1) "Cherry"
    ----DAS: Treasure Everett Sandler (1) "Tre"
    **Cathryn had Victor and Irma and Berkley had Taja and Tesla when they started dating. Cathryn's best friend was Berkley's twin sister Tina, when Tina gave birth to her triplets she asked Cathryn to be the god-mother and Berkley to be the god father. Only a month after giving birth Tina has a hemorrhage and sadly didn't make it. Cathryn and Berkley decided to take care of the triplets that they would move in to Berkley and Tina's grandparents house (the grandparents had a small house out back that they moved to to give the kids the bigger house), about six months after they started living together and taking care of all 7 children they fell in love. They were married just three months ago. The kids are young enough that they all just kinda work together.**

    8. Alfred Kimball Stalt (49) "Alfie"
    --DGF: Madison Carolie Peaches (46)
    ---Art Restorer
    ----DD: Camilla Urbana Peaches-Stalt (25)
    ----DS: Niles Barton Peaches-Stalt (22)
    ----DS: Murphy Ian Peaches-Stalt (19)
    **Alfie and Madison have three kids. They never even thought about getting married, they were happy just the way they were. At this point it seems kind of silly to get married.**

    9. Thomas Victor Percy (24) "Tommy"
    ----DS: Alexander Nahuel Percy (8)
    ----DD: Isobel Iris Percy (7)
    --DW: Beverly Anabel {Afro} Percy (23)
    ---Auto Body Customizer
    ----DSD: Briella Risa Afro (4)
    ----DSS: Hank Nanook Afro (2)
    **Tommy had Alexander and Isobel with his high school girlfriend and he met Beverly three years ago when she was pregnant with Hank. They really hit it off. And were married before Hank was born 4 months after they met.**

    10. Mayim Meryl St. Croix (57) "Mimi" {bi}
    ----DAS: Bliapequio Sanford St. Croix (31) "B"
    ----DD: Akela Ethena St. Croix (30)
    ----DAS: Orion Quinoa St. Croix (30)
    --DW: Blake Mona Alexander (55)
    ----DSD: Jilliana Vixen Alexander (39)
    ----DSD: Timpani Vienna Alexander-Hill (34)
    ----DSD: Layla Dearest Alexander-Hill (33)
    ----DSD: Elisha Darby Alexander-Hill (29)
    ----DSD: Ayelen Angelina Alexander-Hill (27)
    ----DSS: Coyote Ashton Alexander-Hill (26)
    ----DAS: Willy Quinton St. Croix (21)
    ----DS: Taylor Tom St. Croix (19)
    ----DS: Joshua Ike St. Croix (7)
    **Mayim has a daughter Akela and adopted brothers B and Orion. When she met Blake over 20 years ago she had 6 children of her own, Jilliana from her high school boyfriend and 5 kids with her ex-husband. Together they adopted Willy, and they used a donor to have Taylor, and a surrogate to have Joshua.**

    11. Bradley Maximus Sue (40) "Brad"
    ----DD: Kiara Isabelle Hodge-Sue (21)
    ----DD: Ursula Xochitl Sue (14)
    ----DS: Murphy Ole Sue (6)
    --DW: Zacaria Lucia {Robinson} Sue (25)
    ---Casino Customer Service Representative
    ----DSS: Herschel Roland Robinson-Stewart (4)
    ----DD: Jarika Lindsay Sue (9 months)
    **Bradley had three kids when he met Zacaria. She had a little boy when they met too. They've been married just over a year and have a little girl together. The age difference usually doesn't bother them but Kiara had a really hard time dealing with it at first.**

    12. Sade Alicia Rocko (47)
    ----DD: Velma Violet Rocko-Conley (30)
    **Sade had Velma in high school. She swore off men to raise her daughter and when Velma was 20 she starting dating again but hasn't had any serious relationships since.**

    13. Laura Sage St. Oliver (52)
    ----DS: Kyle Bellamy St. Oliver-Snyder (36)
    ----DD: Iris Elisabet St. Oliver-Snyder (35)
    ----DD: Myra Georgina St. Oliver (29)
    ----DD: Lena Sugar St. Oliver (22)
    ----DS: Rick Isaac St. Oliver (20)
    ----DS: Trey Nicholas Briggs (11)
    **Laura has 6 kids with 3 fathers. Trey is the only one still living at home.**

    14. Sophia Cameron Kate (56)
    --DF: Brian Ambrose Karson (64)
    ---Mortgage Officer
    ----DD: Vienna Kathy Kate-Karson (36)
    ----DD: Iris Phylis Kate-Karson (8)
    **Sophia and Brian had Vienna back in their 20s. They hadn't taken any precautions not to have kids so they just thought it wasn't possible. They were shocked when at 47 and 55 they got pregnant with Iris.

    15. Taft Billy Gordon (24)
    --DW: Kristi Chase Gracie (29) --Minnie's sister--
    ---Tour Guide
    ----DSS: Owen Justin Gallagher (11)
    ----DSS: Chad Ens Gallagher (10)
    ----DSD: Tonya Isis Gracie (3)
    ----DSD: Ira Jaylee Gracie (2)
    ----DS: David Muscowequan Gordon (3 months)
    **Taft met Kristi through Minnie at a business Christmas party. It was Kristi's first night out after having Ira. They really clicked and he asked her out for the next weekend. As fate had it Kristi's sitter cancelled on her so they ended up having dinner with the kids. He ended up falling in love with her kids and he asked her to marry him the next month. They now have a 3 month old son David and couldn't be happier.**

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    E1 (53): Peter Edwin Jude
    -Call Center
    GF (53): Lorrie Greer Dean
    -Event Planner
    ADS (29): Adam Tyler Jude
    ADS/ADD (28): Felix Wyatt Jude/Hazel Ingrid Jude
    DD (25): Halle Margaret Jude
    DS (8): Tucker Ryan Jude

    E2 (39): Jeffrey Mark Washington "Jeff"
    -Call Center
    DW (34): Shelby Anne *Princeton* Washington
    -Art Critic
    DD (14): Macy Lauren Washington
    DS (13): Heath Evan Washington
    DS (5): Isaiah Brendan Washington

    E3 (30): Dexter Garrison St. Paul "Dex"
    -Call Center
    DW (deceased age 25, 5 years ago): Elizabeth Susan *Todd* St. Paul "Lizzy"
    DS (6): Max Hayden St. Paul
    DF (27): Kelly Yolanda Turner
    -Obstetrical Nurse

    E4 (25): Taylor Savannah Princeton
    -Call Center
    DF (27): Brian Carson Wayne
    -Landscape Architect
    DD (7): Rhett Theo Wayne
    DS/DD (6): Liam Cole Wayne/Lena Marley Wayne
    DS (1): Jude Corbin Wayne

    E5 (31): Ren Laurel *Mies* Hall
    -Call Center
    DH (33): John Robert Hall "JR"
    DD (11): Elsie Tallulah Hall
    DS (8): Corbin Teddy Hall
    DD (6): Layla Arianne Hall
    DS (5): Ian Abbott Hall
    DD (4): Alaina Fallon Hall
    DS (3): Noah Bronson Hall
    DS (2): Rex Thomas Hall

    E6 (47): Tara Ellen Woods
    -Call Center

    E7 (57): Bradley Daniel Ross "Brad"
    -Call Center
    GF (58): Addilyn Beverly Moss "Addie"
    -Middle School Principal
    DS (31): Cliff Alexander Ross
    DD/DD (29): Tracy Autumn Ross/Erica Audrey Ross
    DD (14): Emmy Madeleine Ross
    DS (12): Tucker Bear Ross
    DS (10): Dean Baxter Ross

    E8 (35): Walter Noel Gray
    -Call Center
    DW (35): Julia Erin *Montgomery* Gray
    -Communications Professor
    DS (11): Pierce Cormac Gray
    DD (10): Cate Ariella Gray
    DS (8): Camden Tate Gray
    DD (5): Nora Chloe Gray

    E9 (39): Holly Cathryn Bauman
    -Call Center
    DF (39): Anderson Thaddeus Oliver
    -Civil Engineer
    DD (16): Edith Joanne Oliver "Edie"
    DD (10): Brooke Madison Oliver
    DS (9): Hugo Patrick Oliver
    DS (3): Riley Hayden Oliver
    DD (2): Alice Juliet Oliver

    E10 (61): Alan Thomas Jasper
    -Call Center
    DW (62): Betsey Madison *Reid* Jasper
    -Real Estate Agent
    DSD (40): Cora Marlene Jasper
    DS (27): Richard Daniel Jasper "Rick"
    DS (24): Holden Penn Jasper
    DD (20): Talia Alison Jasper
    DS (19): Duke Thomas Jasper
    DD (18): Helen Isabelle Jasper
    DD (15): Brynn Ivy Jasper

    E11 (31): Michael Christopher Jensen "Mike"
    -Call Center
    DF (31): Bryan Rayner Abbas
    -Property Developer
    DD (6): Anastasia Joy Jensen-Abbas "Ana"
    DD (4): Wendy Liana Jensen-Abbas

    E12 (36): Arthur Scott Malcolm
    -Call Center
    ExDW (36): Evelyn Ysabel Turner
    DD (15): Jane Beth Malcolm
    DS (13): Charles Dean Malcolm "Charlie"
    ExDW (34): Carole Hart Gray
    DS (9): Vincent Colby Malcolm "Vince"
    DS (7): Wyatt Russell Malcolm
    DW (35): Vivian Haley *Jefferson* Malcolm
    -Child Development Professor
    DS (2): Andrew Tyler Malcolm "Drew"
    DS (1): Ian Isaac Malcolm

    E13 (65): Donald Henry Oliver "Don"
    -Call Center
    DW (deceased age 58, 3 years ago): Ingrid Blair *Duke* Oliver
    -Certified Physician's Assistant
    DD/DD (36): Tina Eleanor Oliver/Lisa Margaret Oliver
    DS (34): Calvin Lloyd Oliver "Cal"
    DS (24): Elliot Davis Oliver
    DD (19): Vivian Helene Oliver
    DS (11): Samuel Isaiah Oliver "Sam"

    E14 (28): Andrew Paul Campbell "Drew"
    -Call Center
    GF (18): Kelly Julianna Barden
    -Library Assistant
    DS (1): Harrison Reese Campbell

    E15 (64): Marlo Jayne *Edwards* Milton
    -Call Center
    DH (deceased age 67, 3 years ago): Thad Mitchell Milton
    DD (41): Georgia Rose Milton
    DD (38): Bonnie Laura Milton
    DD (20): Annalise Deanna Milton
    DD (18): Corinne Leigh Milton

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    1. Delta Faith Conley-Hart [54]
    DH: Kirk Toliver Hart [47]
    -Philosophy Professor

    2. Joseph Wesley Reagan "Joe" [18]
    DGF: Jada Conner Cyrus [21]
    DS: Henry Julian Reagan [NB]

    3. Jeff Rich Fortt [39]
    DW: Zoey Madison (Steely) Fortt [27]
    -School Counselor

    4. Glenn Falcon Avery [34]
    DGF: Lydia Serene Tambor [32]

    5. Chance Jeremy Nathan [22]

    6. Franz Maximilliano Bishop [45]
    DW: Laylah Amy Princess Bishop [36]
    -Clothing Model
    ADD: Ingrid Tessa Bishop [11]
    ADS: Isaac Bear Bishop [11]
    ADD: Ivy Thelma Bishop [8]
    ADS: Ivan Fox Bishop [7]

    7. Zadie Virginia (Rose) Jefferson [59]
    DH: Ed Allen Jefferson [54]
    DSS: Chipper David Jefferson [37] Ed's son
    DS: Wilbert Alexander Jefferson [34]
    DS: Jesse Dexter Jefferson [12]

    8. Sergio Zev Zane [28]
    DW: Priscilla Kimble (Carroll) Zane [39] deceased
    -Correctional Guard

    DW: Shirley Una (Gunvor) Zane [28]
    SDS: Tobey Corbin Gunvor [9] Shirley's son
    SDD: Bree Pallas Gunvor [8] Shirley's daughter
    ADS: Buck Barley Zane [7] adopted with Priscilla
    SDD: Fawn Angelina Gunvor [6] Shirley's daughter

    9. Gary Christopher Rice [64]
    exDW: Shelley Emerson (Conley) Rice [62]
    -Speech-Language Pathologist

    DGF: Nelly Anne Nylund [61]
    DS: Ephraim Iago Rice [42] with Shelley
    DSS: Hector Wayna Nylund [39] Nelly's son
    DSD: Lulu Viola Nylund [35] Nelly's daughter
    DS: Isaiah Herman Rice [33] with Shelley
    DSD/DSS: Harmonie Nina Nylund / Laszlo Dinga Nylund [32] Nelly's twins
    DSS: Prancer Melba Nylund [31] Nelly's son
    DD: Clio Vienna Rice [30] with Shelley
    DS: Tatum Erick Rice [19] with Nelly
    DS: Luther Aiden Rice [18] with Nelly
    DD: Maribel Indigo Rice[15] with Nelly

    10. Dezirae Shiloh Tovia [22]
    DD: Camilla Jynx Tovia [3]

    11. James Alfred Dorsey [62]
    DGF: Ruby Zuzanna Emerson [60]
    -Tarot Reader
    DS: Jeremiah Ignatius Dorsey [40]
    DD: Theodosia Nayeli Emerson [37]
    DD: Shadow Spirit Dorsey [24]
    DD: Unity Allegra Emerson [21]

    12. Bonnie January Sharp [67]
    DBF: Riley Douglas Thompson [63]
    DD: Mischa Tina Thompson [32]
    DD/DS: Miriam Penny Thompson / Murphy Barry Thompson [26]
    DS: Marshell Wyatt Thompson [16]

    13. Zebediah Reynaldo Chevy [48]
    DW: Elly Payson (Charles) Chevy [46]
    -Car Rental Agent
    DSS: Mack Arnold Charles [15] Elly's son
    DS: Tucker Miles Chevy [11]
    DS: Vick Logan Chevy [2]

    14. Mason Maxwell Gray [26]
    DW: Laney Fallon Currie-Gray [38]

    15. Liberty Mona Somporn [63]
    exDH: Ellison Davies Ibrim [58]
    -Engineering Writer

    DH: Julius Mohammed Persap [74]
    -Hydraulic Technician
    SDD: Winona Mae Persap [39] Julius's daughter
    DS: Lonnie Jack Ibrim [37] with Ellison
    SDD: Heloise Plum Persap [36] Julius's daughter
    SDS: Orson Blair Persap [35] Julius's son
    DD: Kayla Lauren Ibrim [34] with Ellison
    DD: Glory Dulce Ibrim [31] with Ellison
    DS: Clarence Quince Persap "Clay" [26] with Julius
    DS: Lewis Pepper Persap "Lewey" [24] with Julius
    DD/DS: Beatrice Jayde Persap "Bea" / Vincent Tracy Persap "Vinny" [22] with Julius
    DS: Justice Hawk Persap [19] with Julius

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    British Columbia
    1. Gwen Isobel Rocko (31)
    DBF: Seth Nicholas Wilda (24)
    - Picture framer

    2. Charles Eduardo Philip (39)
    DW: Lydia Eloise Leopold (29)
    - Heating engineer

    DD: Lark Vivian Philip (8)
    DS: Soren Theodore Philip (7)
    DD: Orsa Isabelle Philip (5)
    DS: Nanuq Victor Philip (2)

    3. Mark Zedidiah Bronson (32)
    DGF: Wylla Sloane Festus (30)
    - Pharmacist

    DS: Alastar Paul Bronson (1)

    4. Maxwell Alan Holiday (30)
    exDW: Mercedes Unity Hayden (30)
    - Visual Designer
    DW: Margo Tatiana Dow (29)
    - Public Affairs Director

    DS: Edmund Isaiah Holiday (13)
    DS: Theodore David Holiday (10)
    DD: Agnes Katherine Holiday (7)
    DD/DD/DS: Imogen Mary, Mabel Johanna and Victor Elijah Holiday (4)
    DD: Rose Madeleine Holiday (2)

    5. Noah Cohen Joseph (28)
    DW: Mina Dawn Diaz (26)
    - Landscape Architect

    DD: Maiara Darby Joseph (4)
    DS: Fallon Noah Joseph (3)

    6. Anna Catherine Booth (39)

    DS: Liam Christian Booth (5)

    7. Logan Connor Amoret (22)
    DW: Lauren Parker Festus (34)
    - Publisher

    DS/DS: Arthur Harvey and George Isaac Amoret (6)
    DS: Charles Dillon Amoret (4)
    DD: Hazel Annika Amoret (1)

    8. Polly Eve Mirren (37)
    DBF: Ian Peter Sampson (37)
    - Professor

    DD: Nina Rosalie Mirren (7)
    DD: Daphne Tatiana Mirren (9)

    9. Steve David Russel (54)
    DF: Molly Janice Epps (60)
    - Sexual Assault Counselor

    DD: Abigail Cassandra Russel (39)
    DS: Julian Howard Russel (38)
    DS: Edward Arnold Russel (32)
    DD: Beatrice Tabitha Russel (31)
    DS: Frederick Huxley Russel (19)
    DS: August Ulysses Russel (16)

    10. Tessa Cathryn Jasper (30)
    DF: Christie Joan Titus (32)
    - Bricklayer

    DS: Leo Isaac Jasper-Titus(1)

    11. Romilly Estella "Romy" Jumper (35)
    DBF: Jeffry Jackson Earl (32)
    - Groom

    12. Jim Quentin Oluwaseyi (31)
    DW: Alice Vivian Oliver (42)
    - Pilot

    DD: Tamsin Phillippa Oluwaseyi (15)
    DD: Gemma Harriet Oluwaseyi (14)
    DD: Felicity Helena Oluwaseyi (13)
    DD: Oona Rosamund Oluwaseyi (10)
    DD: Leonie Esther Oluwaseyi (5)
    DD: Naira Rosemary Oluwaseyi (4)

    13. Alex Aiden Tempest (21)
    DF: Madison Allison Tithe (18)
    - Daycare leader

    14. Edward Patrick "Ned" Dorsey (29)
    exDW: Mary Hanna Chacer (25)
    - Publisher
    DGF: Lily Victoria Booth (30)
    - Pediatrician

    DS/DS: Jack Edward and Harvey Ramon Dorsey (9)
    DD: Eliza Isabel Dorsey (1)

    15. Beatrix Ivy "Trixie" Tomlin (19)
    DH: Duncan Asher Lois (33)
    - Speech Pathologist

    DD: Annabel Kiara Tomlin (3)
    DD: Juliet Brinley Tomlin (1)
    ~Adelaide ~ Octavia~ Eulalie~ Clementine~ Magnolia~ Coralie~ Josephine~
    ~Frederick~ Alistair~ Malachi~ Edward~Julian~ Nathaniel ~ Theodore~

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