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    Cool 1850-1900 Family Game!!

    Ok so here's another~ think little house on the prairie, you're in America and you work very hard day in and day out just to make it. You've built your own home and have a family. The town has 12 families and one unmarried pastor.
    First off the families are:

    Each family has grown children and you are one of them and your spouse is one as well... Roll your dice once for each grouping of six here, decide before you roll if you'll be rolling for the male or female spouse in each category... If you roll for a woman and get smyth but they had no daughters... Roll again. If you roll for tanner but a previous player is already taken them ( please label on bold who you and your spouse are to make it easier) roll again... Pretty basic. After you have your couple with their last names make up names that go well with their surname/ names and then roll a 6 sided dice and if you get an even number you can roll the dice once for your number of children and if you get an odd number, 2x and add those 2 numbers together... That's your number of children... Roll a dice for each child and odd number is girl, even number is boy. You can specify their nicknames and perhaps a back story, their ages... And keep an eye out for their cousins and family members popping up could be fun
    First dice
    1. Smyth - Doris & Edward they have 2 sons
    2. Tanner - Elenore & Dwight have 1 son
    3. Collier - Mary & Thomas - 2 boys, 5 girls
    4. Mason - Darla & William - 4 boys 1 girl
    5. Warren - Martha & Roger - 2 boys 6 girls
    6. Bishop - Elsie & Benjamin - 4 boys 3 girls
    In this section the women who's first names start with the same letter are sisters
    7. Clemens - Ford & Winnie - 6 girls, 1 boy
    8. Abelhard - Loyal & Betsy - 5 sons
    9. Jefferson - Walter & Rose - 5 girls 1 son
    10. cooper - Bartholomew & Kate - 4 girls
    11. Cross - Doris & Royce - 4 boys
    12. Dawson - Thomas & Rachel - 4 boys
    In this section anyone who's first names start with the same letter are remember one from each section
    So if I counted right that's 60 people/ 30 pairs... Pretty confident we won't ever need more and likely won't use most :-P but just in case.... Some families could get pretty big! Also... Yea this is more complicated than it needs to be lol. Make sure your children's names go well with your last name and remember time and place approptiate names and family members :grin:
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    Oldest Collier Daughter & only Clemens son!

    Ford Daniel Clemens Jr.
    Grace Katherine Collier Clemens
    They were married in 1875 when they were both 17, now 17 years later at 34 they have 8 children, 4 boys & 4 girls. They live in a modest cabin that Ford & his father & his wives brothers built for their family when they were 20 years old. Before then they lived with his parents in a similar but larger home. He farms the land around their home and works as a carpenter for anyone who will pay him. Grace sews and knits and often sells her work when the children don't need anything.
    Ford Daniel Clemens III 'Danny'
    Mary Ellen Clemens
    Leah Grace Clemens
    Katherine Hannah Clemens 'Kate'
    Thomas James Clemens 'Tom'
    Peter Collier Clemens 'Pete'
    Winifred Jane Clemens 'Janie'
    William Jefferson Clemens 'Will'
    Ages 17,15,14, 12, 9, 6, 2 & 2

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    This might be too complicated lol

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    Going to do a neighborhood... because why not?

    DH: Edward Daniel Smyth.
    DW: Doris Marie Smyth (Riggs).
    - DS: Leonard Michael "Leo" Smyth.
    - DS: Archibald John "Archie" Smyth.

    DH: Dwight James Tanner.
    DW: Elenore Rose Tanner (Townshend).
    - DS: Samuel Marcus Tanner.

    DH: Thomas Jon Collier.
    DW: Mary Elisabeth Collier (Marklin).
    - DS: Noah Alexander Collier.
    - DS: George Thomas Collier.
    - DD: Lucy Rosaline Collier.
    - DD: Daisy Elizabeth Collier.
    - DD: Charlotte Hope Collier.
    - DD: Ella Faith Collier.
    - DD: Sophia Mary Collier.

    DH: William Joseph Mason.
    DW: Darla Elizabeth Mason (Portnoy).
    - DS: Joshua Jude Mason.
    - DS: James Edward Mason.
    - DS: Jonathan Tyler Mason.
    - DS: Jeremiah Michael Mason.
    - DD: Grace Michelle Mason.

    DH: Roger Timothy Warren.
    DW: Martha Rose Warren (Cox).
    - DS: Alfred Michael "Alfie" Warren.
    - DS: William Samuel Warren.
    - DD: Amelia Victoria Warren.
    - DD: Lily Veronica Warren.
    - DD: Isla Antoinette Warren.
    - DD: Sophie Marie Warren.
    - DD: Emily Elisabeth Warren.
    - DD: Isabella Hope Warren.

    DH: Benjamin Victor Bishop.
    DW: Elsie Marianne Bishop (Roane).
    - DS: Harry Alexander Bishop.
    - DS: Oliver Joseph Bishop.
    - DS: Jack James Bishop.
    - DS: Charles Adam "Charlie" Bishop.
    - DD: Evelyn Belle Bishop.
    - DD: Laura Sophie Bishop.
    - DD: Donna Denise Bishop.

    DH: Ford Charles Clemens.
    DW: Winnie Elizabeth Clemens (Washington).
    - DD: Sarah Marie Clemens.
    - DD: Mary Josephine Clemens.
    - DD: Penelope Rose Clemens.
    - DD: Alexandra Faith Clemens.
    - DD: Susan Hope Clemens.
    - DD: Victoria Elise Clemens.
    - DS: Maxwell Joseph Clemens.

    DH: Loyal Alexander Abelhard.
    DW: Betsy Elizabeth Abelhard (Burgundy).
    - DS: Benjamin Jude Abelhard.
    - DS: Christopher Max Abelhard.
    - DS: Matthew Isaac Abelhard.
    - DS: Michael Peter Abelhard.
    - DS: Phillip William Abelhard.

    DH: Walter Jaimes Jefferson.
    DW: Rose Alexandria Jefferson (Finn).
    - DD: Theodora Marie Jefferson.
    - DD: Eleanor Catherine Jefferson.
    - DD: Sara Georgia Jefferson.
    - DD: Faith Ann Jefferson.
    - DD: Kathryn Mae Jefferson.
    - DS: David Paul Jefferson.

    DH: Bartholomew Dean Cooper.
    DW: Kate Leonor Cooper (Lamont).
    - DD: Cathleen Faith Cooper.
    - DD: Anna Josephine Cooper.
    - DD: Laura Victoria Cooper.
    - DD: Andrea Marie Cooper.

    DH: Royce Marshall Cross.
    DW: Doris Elizabeth Cross (Dick).
    - DS: Maximilian Dane Cross.
    - DS: Christopher Deacon Cross.
    - DS: Benjamin Innocence Cross.
    - DS: Alexander Concord Cross.

    DH: Thomas Timothy Dawson.
    DW: Rachel Anne Dawson (Norris).
    - DS: Silas Christian Dawson.
    - DS: Fergus Johan Dawson.
    - DS: Albus Brian Dawson.
    - DS: Angus Flynn Dawson.

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