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    Wow! So many great suggestions! There are a lot that I like. Here's just a few:
    Saffron Snow
    Violet Snow
    Azure Snow
    Clover Snow (not sure if this is the best combo, but I've always really liked Clover)
    Eden Snow (been on my list since the beginning actually!)
    Sapphire Snow
    Ambry Snow (very interesting sound!)
    Marin Snow (pronunciation is Mar-in or Mar-een?)
    Dauphine Snow (regal :] )
    Genevieve Snow
    Balleny Snow
    Thanks everyone! I would like some more though. Think I'll take it from here with loads of pages from Google lol Unless you berries have some really nice gems I wouldn't usually come across?
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    How about a place name inspired by various European alps/ alpine towns?

    Geneva Snow nn Eva?
    Lausanne Snow (prn low- zanne) nn Annie?
    Belledonne Snow (French mountain) nn Belle/ Bella?
    Annecy Snow (prn an-si) nn Anne/ Annie?

    For extra unique:
    Alpina Snow (Alpina is a Scottish name meaning blonde)

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