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    Jan 2013
    West Midlands, UK
    H: Terrence Steven McQueen II (Yay Jeremy!) W: Lillian Eve {McQueen}. Kids: Birth#1 = Archer Evander. Birth#2: Calloway Flint and Sullivan Gray. Birth#3: Tobias Jett. Birth#4: Matilda Charlie. Birth#5: Ruby Seraphina. Birth#6: Isaac Phoenix and Hudson Taylor and Griffin Reese. Birth#7: Skye Delilah. Birth#8: Caroline Rachel and Elizabeth Grace and Alexander Reed. ~~ Steven (40) and Lil (32) with: Archer (11), Cal (8), Sulli (8), Tobias (6), Matti (5), Rue (4), Isaac (3), Hudson (3), Griff (3), Skye (1), Cally (nb), Beth (nb), and Lex (nb).
    Current Loves: Tobias Henry and Sebastian Keith

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    May 2012
    LN: Somerhalder

    DH: Ian Joseph
    DW: Stella Geraldine

    DD: Poet Vida
    DD: Dixie Amélie
    DS: Inigo Jett
    DD: Flora Simone
    DD: Garnet Matilda
    DD/DD: Brontë Scout and Milla Valentine
    DS: Chance Dashiell
    DD: Alice Honor

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    Aug 2012
    Matilda, Beatrix, Lucille, Margo, Ivy, Guinevere, Isadora, Violet, Ada, Alice, Hermione, Cora, Elizabeth, Flora, Olive, Sybil, Isolde
    Felix, Henry, Ambrose, Darcy, Asa, Ezra, August, Oscar, Theodore, Edward, Clark, Arthur, Jasper, Winston, Percival

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    Jul 2012
    DH: Zachary George Roerig
    DW: Alice Rachel Roerig

    Birth 1:
    DS: Porter Nolan

    Birth 2:
    DS/DS: Jackson Kale & Dylan Trip

    Birth 3:
    DS/DD: Xavier Kieran & Eliza Delaney

    Birth 4:
    DD: Sadie Zora

    Birth 5:
    DS: Rowan Oliver

    Birth 6:
    DD/DS: Leah Payton & Noah Skyler

    Birth 7:
    DS/DS: Austin Miles & Cody Beckett

    Birth 8:
    DS: Isaac Reed

    Port & Jax & Dyl & Xav & Row & Noah & Aus & Code & Isaac
    Eliza & Sadie & Leah

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    Apr 2012
    DH: Michael Anthony Trevino
    DW: Laney Elizabeth Trevino

    DD: Piper Reese Trevino
    DD/DD: Mya Clover & Odetta Jinx Trevino
    DS/DD: Gideon Phoenix & Lilian Mahogany Trevino
    DS: August Milo Trevino
    DD: Rose Natalia Trevino
    DD/DS: Cora Alexis & Lucas Emerson Trevino
    DS: Finn Donovan Trevino
    DD/DS/DD/DS: Isabel Ruth, William Reed, Charlotte Caroline, and Alexander Edward Trevino

    Michael + Laney = Piper, Mya, Odetta, Gideon, Lilian, August, Rose, Cora, Lucas, Finn, Isabel, William, Charlotte and Alexander
    Sari, high school senior.

    The enchanting little witches & wizards: Under Construction and Pending.

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