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    LN: Smith

    DH: Michael Edward
    DW: Claire Estelle

    DS: Jake Sebastian
    DS/DD: Louis Ezekiel and Eloise Ivy
    DS: Atticus Eli
    DS/DS: Jonah Cason and Levi Jaxon
    DS/DD: Lance Rupert and Willow Aria
    DS/DS/DD: Austin Isaac, Romeo Kieran and Eve Matilda
    DS/DD: Lincoln Theo and Isabelle Jordyn
    DS: Emmett Rory
    DD/DD: Charlotte Meg and Clara Marie
    DD: Juliette Rosa
    DS/DS/DS: Brady Paul, Declan Sam and Riley William

    Jake (18)
    Lou (17)
    El (17)
    Atti (15)
    Jo (14)
    Levi (14)
    Lance (12)
    Will (12)
    Aus (10)
    Ro (10)
    Evie (10)
    Linc (8)
    Izzy (8)
    Em (6)
    Lottie (5)
    Clary (5)
    Ettie (3)
    Bracy (2)
    Dec (2)
    Ri (2)
    18 year old writer, baby name lover and avid reader!

    Top names at the moment
    Girls: Everly Grace, Isabelle Rose, Charlotte Mae, Lillian Avery & Rosalie Eden
    Boys: Masen Alexander, Logan Edward, Emmett Nathaniel, Hudson Anthony & Kainan Christopher.

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    Sep 2013
    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
    21 year old writer, uni student and name nerd.

    Ramona June ~ Rowan Barbara ~ Audrey Rosetta ~ Zelda Felicity ~ Aphra Francine ~ Briony Auden ~ Alba Evelyn ~Tamora Fable ~Io Esmerelda
    Oscar Louis~ Jack Stephen Bradley~ Julian Fox ~Vincent Hector~ Byron Haddox~ Basil Henry~ Franklin Wise ~ Asa Laurent~ Alastair Frederick

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    Nov 2013
    Last Name: Carbry

    DH: Kerry Edward
    DW: Emily-Anna Engracia

    Birth 1-
    1: G
    Dominique Spencer Carbry

    Birth 2-
    6: G/B
    Georgia Juliet Carbry
    Henry Vincent Carbry

    Birth 3-
    5: B
    Dexter Gideon Carbry

    Birth 4-
    2: G
    Ariadne Klementina Carbry

    Birth 5-
    3: G/G
    Zoe Ariella Carbry
    Willow Londyn Carbry

    Birth 6-
    5: G/B
    Bryn Matilda Carbry
    Alex Bruno Carbry

    Birth 7-
    6: G
    Liberty Emerson Carbry

    Birth 8-
    5: G
    Adeline Kalila Carbry

    Birth 9-
    1: G/G
    Frances McKenna Carbry
    Edith Kiernan Carbry

    Birth 10-
    4: G
    Luciene Evangeline Carbry

    Birth 11-
    2: B/G
    Brennan Stephen Carbry
    Judith Finley Carbry

    The Carbry Family:
    Kerry and Emily-Anna
    Dom, Georgia, Henry, Dex, Ari, Zoe, Willow, Bryn, Alex, Libby, Addie, Fran, Edie, Luci, Bren, and Judi
    Boys: 4
    Girls: 12
    Emmylou, Erica, Rydel, Brinlie, Maia, Georgia, Finley, Kambree

    Keegan, Riker, Ross, Luke, Ryan, Ellington, Shor, Ashton

    Teenberry, R5er, and I like buying stuff with my name on it.

    Love, Kaylee Mary.

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    Sep 2013
    kingston james.
    hudson luke.
    saul david.
    taye matthew.

    jaime louise.
    harper jane.
    elodie grace.
    quinn marie.

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    Nov 2013

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