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    Cool How do you approach sex education with your children?

    How do you approach sex education with your children? If your child/children asked you, do you actually have books or diagrams in your household to help you explain the anatomy of a human body?
    Do you think you should be the one to explain it to your kid? Or would you leave it to a doctor? Would you leave it to the school your child attends?

    What were your experiences with sex education growing up? Was there any at all?

    At the age of 10, 11, 13, 15, 16, and 17, I had sex education. This was common in my school district. I'm not sure how it is for everywhere else.

    Not to mention, my mother is a nurse and my father is a doctor. So I had all sorts of resourceful books at my disposal to look at diagrams of the human body. And I was able to ask questions myself.

    That was my experience. The human body was a mystery but it wasn't really masked to me. But I was raised from a rather conservative family, so sex was one of those things that no one expected me to do until after completing a my education, finding a steady job that I liked, and marriage.

    EDIT: In retrospect, my parents did not care too much if I had a curiosity for the human body (because they've spent their lives studying it). Those books were on the shelves, free for anyone who visited our home to read. But they knew that the subject would come up and I'm glad they weren't too weird about it.
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    There was another post discussing this a while back: may make interesting reading for you.

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    I can't give you experiences as a parent simply because I'm barely out of childhood myself (and of course don't have children), but my parents didn't really do much in the way of talking to me about sex. I was given a couple of books, but nothing more unless I asked to know. I don't think that I suffered at all from that, or have a negative, prudish view of sex. I feel that I know all that I need to at my age, and I know I CAN talk to my parents if I want to.

    At about 3 or 4 I remember my mum was pregnant with my little sister and I asked a few questions about where the baby came from (or as I put it 'Mummy, how does your body know when you want a baby to grow inside of it?' Her response was 'it just does' which I seemed content with at the time!)

    Sex education in schools (England) isn't that great in my opinion, and I've had a few dodgy experiences - like the time, at age 11/12, when my class were told to apply appropriate contraception to vegetables. Yes, vegetables.
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    Quote Originally Posted by caoimhe View Post
    There was another post discussing this a while back: may make interesting reading for you.
    Heh, thanks caoimhe for the link. I did give it a read and it does give me an insight to how others have dealt with introducing the subject.

    Also, thank you oliviasarah for responding!
    I could just imagine a little girl being all chipper with the response of: "It just does!" Hilarious!
    And what's this I hear about vegetables? Hahaha. Well, hey. I've had my teachers demonstrate on bananas before. And then there were the actual diagrams they would present, as I got older and informational videos.

    It was all very helpful.
    I'm afraid I did not get to apply contraception to any vegetables though. Nope, I haven't! :P

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    I never even thought of having the family doctor explain these things to my kids when they're old enough. That's a really great idea! As for my had sex education. I think it began in 4th grade? My parents weren't prudish and I'm sure I came to my mom with any questions. And of course the general misinformation that went around among the neighborhood kids!

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