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    Dec 2009
    Pregnancy #1: G/G
    Philippa Rosalind "Pippa" & Florence Olympia

    Pregnancy #2: B
    Rowan Elias

    Pregnancy #3: B/B/B/B
    Henry Augustine
    Jude Matteo
    Desmond Noah
    Kai Gideon

    Pregnancy #4: G/G/G/B/G
    Luna Cecilia
    Susannah Violet "Sosie"
    Pearl Sybella
    Edmund Otto
    Isis Juniper

    Pregnancy #5: G
    Verity Athena

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    Jan 2010

    My Family

    Your name: Ellie Mae Avery
    His name: Ryan James Avery

    Pregnancy #1:
    5. Ethan Paul, Mackenzie Grace, Brooke Madison

    Pregnancy #2:
    1. Abigail Paige

    Pregnancy 3:
    4. Charlotte Sophia and Emma Hope

    Pregnancy 4:
    5. boy/boy/boy
    Jacob Andrew, Caleb Grant and Connor James

    Pregnancy 5:
    1. girl/boy/girl/boy/girl/girl
    Hannah Claire ,Matthew Nicholas, Madelyn Dakota, Luke William, Lilah Evangeline, Hadley Olivia

    Name your family:[/QUOTE]

    Ethan, Mackenzie, Brooke, Abigail, Charlotte, Emma, Jacob, Caleb, Connor, Hannah, Matthew, Madelyn, Luke, Lilah and Hadley

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    Mar 2013
    Midwest U.S.
    Pregnancy #1:
    girl/girl: Cassandra Vivienne "Cassie" and Elisabeth Kate "Elise"
    Pregnancy #2:
    boy: Adam Carson Robert
    Pregnancy 3:
    girl/girl/girl/girl: Charlotte Lorraine "Charlie", Catalina Lucy "Cate", Rosalie Nicole "Lia", Anneliese Scarlett "Annie"
    Pregnancy 4:
    boy: William Anthony "Will"
    Pregnancy 5:
    girl/boy/girl/boy/girl/girl: Mackinley Alice "Kinzie", Camden Bennett, Hadleigh Grace, Aidan Maddox, Elena Brooke "Lena", Abbigail Mackenna "Abbie"

    Name your family: Cassandra, Elisabeth, Adam, Charlotte, Catalina, Rosalie, Anneliese, William, Mackinley, Camden, Hadleigh, Aidan, Elena, Abbigail.

    Although... they would go by nicknames... Cassie, Elise, Adam, Charlie, Cate, Lia, Annie, Will, Kinzie, Camden, Hadleigh, Aidan, Lena, Abbie. Thank goodness I don't actually have 14 kids though... and that there is much less than 1/6 chance I'll really end up with quints!
    Current Favorites:
    { Charlotte :: Alice :: Adelyn :: Lucy :: Cecily}
    { Jack :: Everett :: Elliot :: Toby }

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    Your name: Ayla Hazel Sorenson
    His name: Jack Tobias Sorenson

    Pregnancy #1: Owen James Sorenson
    1: boy

    Pregnancy #2: Molly Jo Sorenson
    1. girl

    Pregnancy 3: Elise Jenna Sorenson and Janae Libby Sorenson
    4. girl/girl

    Pregnancy 4: Toby Jonas Sorenson
    3. boy

    Pregnancy 5: Nathan Joel Sorenson, Levi Joshua Sorenson, Logan Jacob Sorenson, Ethan Jay Sorenson, Silas Jonah Sorenson, Jenessa Audrey Sorenson
    1. 5. boy/boy/boy/boy/boy/girl

    Name your family: Jack and Ayla Sorenson with Owen, Molly Jo, Elsie, Janae, Toby, Nate, Levi, Logan, Ethan, Silas, and Nessa.

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    Mar 2013
    DW: Arabella Jane
    DH: Leo James

    pregnancy 1: Avery Sarah & Tess Pearl

    pregnancy 2: Quinn Kent, Clark James, Cordelia Ada, India Evelyn

    pregnancy 3: Snow Anita

    pregnancy 4: Lyla Petal

    pregnancy 5: Artemis Thomas
    Boys: Nash, Liam, Conrad, Finn, Kit

    Girls: Layla, Kasia, Ada, Clara, Tessa

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