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    WDYT of Ada Mae?

    I really like this name! We are still TTC but I think its spunky and adorable. Any opinions? Good or bad Last name is two syllables, sounds like Crahley so it flows nicely
    Autumn Wren . Ada Wildflower . Carys Winter . Brier Elisabeth

    Wilder Gray . Forrest Cade . River Jude

    Emerson Be@r
    Wilder due in May <3

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    I really like the flow of it! The sounds of the names work really well together I think.

    Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the actual names, but if you like them then go for it! They complement each other perfectly I think

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    This would have been my mother's name had she not been born on her grandfather's birthday. Her father named her after him instead. For my grandmother, this is the name
    that "got away."

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    It sounds like a double first name, not a first and middle combo. But it's not bad.
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    What a funny coincidence because Ada Mae was one of my pen names.

    But I love it! So use it.
    I am a 16 year-old Ravenclaw girl with many fandoms. You can call me Theodora or Phoenix. I do not plan on having kids, just lots of characters. And of course, I love names.

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