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    and many great suggestions above! (Clementine, Margo, Greta, Penelope, Beatrix)
    Mom of Violet Isabelle, George Quincy, & Mae Elizabeth
    In the process of adopting #4 from Haiti.
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    . Ruby Madeleine . Felicity Catherine . Beatrice Claire . Robin Marie .
    . Harvey Leopold . Albert Darcy . Ralph Montgomery . Edgar Willoughby .

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    I second caitypete, I love Clover! I wish I could use it myself but alas no! I will also add to the mix Mirabel w/ the gorgeous nn Mira.

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    I will add one last one Mabel, another name I can not use but my DH and I love it.

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    I have one name I love, but I'm willing to share with anyone who wants it as it's not very popular in America.

    Linnea (pronounced le-NAY)

    A Scandinavian name meaning linden tree (or lime tree,) linnea is also a small pink flower. My aunt is named Linnea. She didn't care for it because it was so unusual when she was growing up and went by her much more common middle name, but I've always thought it was such a beautiful name.

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