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Thread: Long caf

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    Current Favorites: Emmeline, Claire, Verity, Jane, Iris, Starling, Mercy, Josephine, Acacia, Gemma, Maura, Quinn, Kenzie, Molly, Henrietta, Elodie, Nova, Virginia, Noor, Schuyler

    Caspian, Rafferty, Jameson, Phoenix, August, Bennett, Soren, Jory, Callen, Mercer, Asa, Josiah, Grayson, Holden, Kai, Jasper, Charlie, Adlai, Liam, Ashley

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    United States
    LN: Nelson

    DH: Allison Kate
    DW: Tyler James

    How many births: Seven
    How many times do you adopt: Two

    Birth 1: Single Boy, Declan Rhys, 17
    Birth 2: Single Boy, Bronson Wyatt, 16
    Birth 3: Single Boy, Colton Tyler, 14
    Birth 4: Girl/Girl Twins, Ivy Colette and Ella Natalie, 12
    Birth 5: Single Girl, Aurora Grace 9
    Birth 6: Boy/Boy Twins, Greyson Michael and Hayden Mitchell, 8
    Birth 7: Twins Boy/Girl Creighton James and Kaitlyn Joelle, 5

    Adoption 1: Girl/Girl/Boy Triplets, Trevor Austin, Tianna Bethany, Teagan Hope, 9
    Plus: Girl/Boy Twins, Kieran Thomas and Kassidy McKayla, 5
    Adoption 2: Boy/Boy/Girl Triplets, Olivia Marie, Matthew Bailey, and Benjamin Owen, 1

    Room 1: Declan, Bronson, and Colton 17, 16, 14
    Room 2: Ivy, Ella, and 12, 12
    Room 3: Aurora, Tianna, Teagan, Trevor, Greyson, Hayden 9, 9, 9, 9, 8, 8
    Room 4: Katie, and Kassidy, 5, 5
    Room 5: Creighton and Kieran 5, 5
    Room 6: Olivia, Matthew, and Benjamin 1, 1, 1
    Room 7: Allison and Tyler

    Declan 17
    Bronson 16
    Colton 14
    Ivy and Ella 12
    Aurora, Tianna, Teagan, and Trevor 9
    Greyson and Hayden 8
    Katie, Kassidy, Creighton, and Kieran 5
    Olivia, Matthew, and Benjamin 1

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    Current Favourite Combos:
    ★ Camden Thames ★ Kai Alexander ★ Theodor Lennon ★ Ridley Jude ★
    ✿ Marina Abbey ✿ Coral Victoria ✿ Isabelle Pearl ✿ Rosalie Cove ✿ Aria Estella ✿

    Mama to a kitty named Arion Blu
    Auntie to Carson Wade (7/18/2013)

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    DH: Miles Arthur Connelly
    DW: Louisa Vesper Connelly (nee Shaw)

    Pregnancy #1:
    Girl: Selina Faith 'Lina'

    Pregnancy #2:
    Boy: Raphael Oscar 'Raffy'

    Pregnancy #3:
    G/G/B/G/G Quints: Cora Rashida, Elvira Sylvie 'Ella', Levi Jacob, Myra Elena and Rowena Vivian

    Pregnancy #4:
    B/G Twins: Bruno Everest and Ruby Avalon

    Pregnancy #5:
    G/G/G Triplets: Genevieve Sarah 'Jenny', Imogen Charlotte 'Elmo' and Sophia Elizabeth

    Pregnancy #6:
    B/G/G/G/B Quints: Liam Flynn, Maggie Scout, Iris True, Lola Blue and Theo Reed

    Pregnancy #7:
    G/B/G/B/B Quints: Nellie Beatrix, Harry Frederick, Tabitha Alice 'Tabby', Otis Sebastian and Ralph Montgomery

    Pregnancy #8:
    Boy: Eli Hudson

    Pregnancy #9:
    G/G Twins: Clio Piper and Nala Skye

    Pregnancy #10:
    B/G/B Triplets: Gray Sawyer, Dakota Taylor, River Mason

    Adoption #1:
    Girl: Sonora Rose Kaitlyn

    Adoption #2:
    B/B/G Triplets: Nolan Denver, Greene Morrissey and Faira Genesis

    By the time they've finished gaining children, Miles and Louisa Connelly have 32(!!!) children:
    Lina, Raffy, Cora, Ella, Levi, Myra, Rowena, Bruno, Ruby, Jenny, Elmo, Sophia, Liam, Maggie, Iris, Lola, Theo, Nellie, Harry, Tabby, Otis, Ralph, Eli, Clio, Nala, Gray, Dakota, River, Sonora, Nolan, Greene and Faira

    Ohmygod, I honestly don't think I could survive three sets of quints.... Cheaper by the Dozen eat your heart out, there's almost THREE dozen kids here.... XD
    Vote for your favourites!!

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