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    Wife: Bailey Elizabeth Flynn (nee’ Spencer)
    Husband: Cameron James Flynn
    Year of Marriage: 2020

    2020: Cameron is offered a new job at a new rehabilitation center as their head physical therapist in Virginia Beach. Since Virginia Beach is fairly close to both of their families and it is a really good job offer, Bailey puts in a transfer as a nurse to a hospital there that gets accepted! Their new house looks like:

    2021: They decide to splurge on a new car due to the increase of their salaries! Bailey and Cameron’s new car looks like:

    2022: Bailey and Cameron start talking about kids, but decide to do a test run with a pet first. They go down to the animal shelter and adopt a little calico kitten, whom they name Jemima and call “Jem”, after the musical Cats.

    2023: After three years of marriage, Bailey conceives! She tells Cameron about it by giving him a gift with the pregnancy test results inside. On August 16th, she delivers twins named Maeve Elizabeth and Lorcan James Flynn.

    2024: Bailey’s twin sister, Sarah, is getting married to Cameron’s best friend Ryan! Bailey is enlisted to help plan the wedding, which she does with zeal. The twins are the flower girl and ring bearer, with Bailey as the maid of honor and Cameron as the best man.

    2025: Bailey and Cameron inherit a house from Cameron’s great uncle Jack in Louisville, Kentucky. After considerable debate, they decide to sell the house and use the money to start college funds for the twins.

    2026: After three years have passed since the twins are born, Bailey conceives again! On October 4th, she delivers a little boy named Aiden Spencer Flynn.

    2027: Since they now have three adorable little toddlers, Bailey and Cameron decide to buy a new car. Their new family car looks like:

    2028: Deciding to even the numbers a bit and try for another little girl, Bailey conceives for a third time and gets her wish! On November 5th, she delivers a little girl named Willa Rose Flynn.

    2029: Since their family has grown so much, Bailey and Cameron decide its time for a new house! They fall in love with this one the first time they see it; its right near the twins’ school and near the workplaces of both Bailey and Cameron! Their new house looks like:

    2030: Deciding they want one more child, Bailey and Cameron try IVF. It works a little too well, as they soon discover Bailey is pregnant with twins! On September 28th, she gives birth to Riley Deacon, Harper Sarah and Lila Catherine Flynn.

    2031: Sarah and Ryan have just had their first little girl, and want Bailey’s help in naming her (since she’s named seven kids of her own!). They eventually decide on Reagan Anne.

    2032: Since Jemima the cat is getting older and seems lonely, Bailey and Cameron decide to adopt another cat from the shelter, this time letting the older children help pick her out. They adopt a little tabby kitten that they name Demeter, also from the musical Cats.

    The Flynn Family!

    Bailey (37) & Cameron (37)

    Maeve and Lorcan (9), Aiden (6), Willa (4), Riley, Harper and Lila (2).

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    Ft. Myers
    DH: Michael Allen Foster
    DW: Brianna Marie Foster
    Married 2017, Michael is 30 and I'm 23.

    Year 1. 2018.
    We go on vacation to Germany.

    Year 2. 2019.
    My 25 year old friend, Tessa Mae Daniels, is having a baby girl and needs help naming her. We come up with Chelsea Marie Daniels, since we promised to name our first daughter in honor of each other.

    Year 3. 2020.
    We have twins, a boy and a girl. We name them Lucy Mae Foster and Sebastian Oliver Foster.

    Year 4. 2021.
    We go on vacation to Spain.

    Year 5. 2022.
    Tessa and I open a kids clothing shop together. We name it Crazy 4 Kidz.

    Year 6. 2023.
    We have triplets, a boy and two girls. Jordyn Paige Foster, Aurora "Rory" Grace Foster, and Elliot Joseph Foster.

    Year 7. 2024.
    My grandparents pass away and leave us their house. It's in Louisville, Kentucky and this is what it looks like;

    Year 8. 2025.
    I get promoted from temporary substitute to a permanent Kindergarten teacher. The pay is better and it's more reliable.

    Year 9. 2026.
    My 21 year old sister, Autumn Heather O'Brien, and I open up a bakery. We name it Sweet Sisters.

    Year 10. 2027.
    Autumn asks me to help plan her wedding. We plan for a fall (ha ha Autumn) wedding up in the mountains. We decide her colors will be purple and orange.

    Year 11. 2028.
    We have a baby girl and we name her Olivia Brooke Foster.

    Year 12. 2029.
    We have a baby boy and we name him Wyatt Cole Foster.

    Michael is 43 and I'm 36.
    Lucy and Sebastian are 10.
    Jordyn, Rory, and Elliot are 7.
    Olivia is 2.
    Wyatt is 1.

    Tessa is 36 and her daughter Chelsea is 11.
    Autumn is 25.

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    Wife: Victoria Wren Charbonneau-Kensington (25)
    Husband: William Mark Kensington (26)

    Year 1: Victoria opens a bookstore/café called Sense, Sensibility, & a Steaming Cup.

    Year 2: After a year of marriage, Victoria and William decide to start trying for a baby, but are unsuccessful. Although it won't completely fill the hole, William brings home an adorable kitten, whom they name Thisbe.

    Year 3: William and Victoria decide to splurge on a new car. It looks like this:

    Year 4: After four years of marriage, William and Victoria are thrilled when they find out Victoria is expecting a baby. Victoria suffers a miscarriage, however, leaving the couple devastated. Hoping to give them something to distract them, Victoria's sister, Stephanie, asks Victoria to help plan her wedding.

    Year 5: After several years of trying and one miscarriage, Victoria and William decide to adopt a baby. They are matched with a teenage mother in another state, and fly out for the birth of Alexander Pierre. They form a bond with Alexander's birth mother, Leah, and decide to keep in touch.

    Year 6: William's job takes the family to Ann Arbor, Michigan. Victoria leaves Sense, Sensibility, & a Steaming Cup in the hands of her friend, Amy. She decides to start up an Ann Arbor branch, called Pride, Prejudice, and Pastries.

    Year 7: Only a year after moving to Ann Arbor, William gets a large promotion. Among the benefits is a big pay raise. Victoria and William continue to put money into a savings account, but they decide to splurge a little and go on vacation to France to visit Victoria's family.

    Year 8: Unexpectedly, Victoria and William discover that Victoria is expecting a baby boy. Along with big brother Alexander, they welcome Nathaniel Felix into their family.

    Year 9: With Pride, Prejudice, and Pastries taking off, and William's increased salary, the family decides to buy a new house. It looks like this:

    Year 10: William and Victoria decide to take five-year-old Alexander and two-year-old Nathaniel to Germany on vacation. They stay for two weeks.

    Year 11: When the boys are six and three, Victoria and William decide to start trying again. Happily, after a few months they find out Victoria is pregnant. Twin girls Liliana Vivienne and Violet Adeline join their family.

    Year 12: Only a year after the twins are born, Victoria suspects she is pregnant again. Sure enough, Beatrice Madeleine makes the family one of seven.

    Victoria Wren Charbonneau-Kensington (37)
    William Mark Kensington (38)
    Alexander Pierre Kensington (7)
    Nathaniel Felix (4)
    Liliana Vivienne (1)
    Violet Adeline (1)
    Beatrice Madeleine (0)

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    DH: Oliver Richard Jones
    ME: Chelsea Elizabeth Jones

    {2013} Me and Olly decide to adopt a kitten. A Persian cat called Jelly.

    {2014} Me and Olly decide to buy a house for our future family.

    {2015} I get pregnant and have twin girls. Sienna Clara and Aria Emery Jones.

    {2016} Me and Olly adopt another Persian cat called Juice

    {2017} My great-aunt Helen dies and leaves me her house.

    {2018} I get pregnant nd have a single boy. Milo Henry Jones

    {2019} I open a small bookshop for kids it's called The Jungle Hut.

    {2020} Me and Olly device to buy a new family car.

    {2021} We go on a family vacation to Corfu, Greece.

    {2022} We adopt a Pomeranian puppy. We call him Romeo.

    {2023} I have Boy/Girl twins. Elias Beck and Imogen Belle Jones

    {2024} DH sister tragically dies and we take in her 3 kids.
    Harriet Joanna Jones 4
    Hannah Faith Jones 7
    Hailey Grace Jones 12

    {2025} I gt pregnant and have one baby girl. Francesca Hope Jones

    My children.

    DN1: Hailey Grace Jones 13
    DD1: Sienna Clara Jones 10
    DD2: Aria Emery Jones 10
    DN2: Hannah Faith Jones 8
    DS1: Milo Henry Jones 7
    DN3: Harriet Joanna Jones 5
    DS2: Elias Beck Jones 2
    DD3: Imogen Belle Jones 2
    DD4; Francesca Hope Jones NB

    CAT- Jelly
    CAT- Juice- RIP
    DOG- Romeo

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    West Midlands, UK
    W: Eliana Daisy.
    H: Frederick James.
    Year of Marriage: 2000.

    Yr#1: For our first try at concieving a child isn't successful but my sister Wilda asks for our assistance in naming my newborn niece; I suggest Henrietta Jayne and she loves it so much that that's what she chooses.

    Yr#2: Seeing so much of Henny makes me broody, and we try again this time with immediate success! We welcome identical triplet girls into the world nine months later, their names: Ruby Isabella, Freya Brooke, and Matilda Skye.

    Yr#3: Rick and I move into a larger house to accomodate for the girls -

    Yr#4: With a larger house we have enough room for a pet, we adopt a mongrel puppy and name him Bolt.

    Yr#5: Rick suggests buying a new car, and that is what we do (

    Yr#6: With my niece closing in on her sixth birthday my sister decides it's time to get married to her partner and once again asks for my help, she wants a winter wedding so I plan a snow white and faux fur themed day.

    Yr#7: Now the triplets have settled well and truly into school, I miss having babies round the house, again we are successful immediately and give birth to identical triplets (again!) this time boys: Sebastian James, Cooper Alexander, and Elijah Kai.

    Yr#8: Rick gets a huge promotion to manager with comes with the benefit of being able to work from home and a payrise!

    Yr#9: When the girls were two we adopted Bolt, and now the boys are two we adopt another puppy, this time a female mongrel, naming her Star.

    Yr#10: Rick inherits a grand property ( from a relative in Forth Worth, Texas.

    Yr#11: Rick's close cousin Robert dies suddenly leaving his 11 children orphaned, we take them all in to save them from getting seperated in the system: Amber Maria (12), Sidney Lukas and Simon Laurence (11), Carter Benjamin (9), George Willem and Gregory West (7), Jamie Elliott (6), Rachel Elizabeth and Rebecca Eleanor (4), Jenson Francis (3), and finally baby Erika Snow (1).

    Yr#12: Following the death of Robert last year Rick and I inherit a huge house ( in Louiseville, Kentucky. Where we continue to bring up our children and adopted children.

    ~~~ Ellie (35) and Rick (37) with: Rue (11), Freya (11), Matti (11), Seb (6), Cooper (6), Elijah (6), Amber (13), Sidney (12), Simon (12), Carter (10), George (8), Greg (8), Jimmy (7), Rae (5), Becca (5), Jenson (4), and Eri (2); And Bolt (9) and Star (4).
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