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    Latest obsessions. Thoughts/Suggestions?

    Well these are my latest obsessions. Thoughts? does anyone else like thses name?

    I asked myself if i could ever like this name when i first saw it, nope. But now i think it's the sweetest, simplest name, it bears yellow daisys but also serious and to the point.

    I usually dont like o ending names for girls, too masculine, but this one has a feminine feel through a friendly, happy side.

    Vaughn & Claude are favorite names and this one fits right in, i love its smooth sound.

    Sophisticated and mannered.

    Any genral thoughts on these names? what would you think if you met some one called one of these?

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    Gilda - I'm not a fan at all, sorry. Anything that starts with 'Gil-' makes me think of fish, including Gilbert, which I know is a nameberry favorite, but I just can't get on board.

    Cameo - This is one of my guilty pleasure names... I love it! It's the perfect blend of familiar sounds (like a smush of Cam/Camille and Harlow/Margo) but is still unique and unexpected. And it has this lovely vintage elegant feel, like a cameo brooch. If I ever met a little girl named Cameo I would find it stunning.

    Saul - I love this too! First discovered 'Sol' as a nickname for Solomon which led me to plain old Saul, except there's nothing plain about him. I love the smooth sound and that it's an "undiscovered" Biblical name which means an agnostic such as myself could use it without feeling too weird about it. (:

    Elanore - I like Eleanor, but I don't love it. This just looks like a mixed-up spelling of Eleanor to me, and while I don't think it's horrible, I also would roll my eyes if a little girl told me "My name is Elanore, E-L-A-N-O-R-E." Then again, these days you can't assume anything is spelled the way it traditionally was, so I always ask for spellings even on the simplest names. So I guess it's not that big a deal, I'm just a purist. (:
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    Absolutely love Saul! It is such a fantastic name, lovely sound, totally ageless with a beautiful meaning and very uncommon - name jackpot in my opinion. I too am obsessed
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    Gilda - Not really a fan, I would much prefer Glenda

    Cameo - I like this one! As greyer said, the cameo brooch connection makes it feel beautiful and classic.

    Saul - Totally agree - it's got that classic biblical sound without being overused or over-religious.

    Elanore - It's okay, but if you nickname Ella or Ellie, they'd get lost with the rest of them..

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    Gilda - Very sweet. Something about it makes me think of Germany in the 40s, in a perfectly good way.

    Cameo - I think this looks a little masculine for some reason. I do like it, and I would be totally impressed if I met a little girl named this, but I wouldn't use it myself.

    Saul - I really like this one. Like others have said, it's pretty much perfect, and I could totally see it blending in with more trendy names today. I also really like Saulo which might appeal to you. I first heard it last year in a book I was reading, and liked it ever since.

    Elanore - You're pronouncing this El-uh-nor, rather than El-uh-nah, right? It's just that I've only ever met girls named Eleanor who pronounce it El-uh-nah, but then again, I've only ever met girls with the Eleanor spelling. It's only on Nameberry which I started hearing it with the -nor ending... or maybe it's just the American accent. I'm so confused! Anyway, it's OK. Never been in love with it, but it's a nice enough, respectable name.
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