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Thread: Juniper

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    I really like this name a lot but I have two major concerns with picking it. First, our last name starts with a J and I'm not sure it's ok to have that double J sound. Secondly, our son's name is Tate and I want something that fits with his name at least a little bit. I don't know if Juniper does. So, what are some thoughts about this?

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    I love Juniper. Junie or June are both such cute nicknames. In fact, if a friend of ours didn't already have a Juniper it would be at the top of my list.

    I think it goes great with Tate and I wouldn't worry about the Double J, alliterative names are actually pleasing to the ear. That's why there are so many celebs that have alliterative names as stage names.

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    Thanks for your input. I think it sounds ok with Tate too but when I mentioned it to my niece, she didn't seem to think so. And she immediately brought up the fact that she would be JJ, so I started to worry.

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    My name's alliterative (middle name too!) and I've always loved it. Tate's a really handsome name - it'll go with anything won't it? :P And most importantly... Juniper is a totally stunning name, I simply adore it! It was on our middle name list for a while

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    Thanks, ritapumpkinina. Between the two of you, I'm really feeling much better about this.

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