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  • Emmeline (emma-leen)

    48 72.73%
  • Emelyn (emma-lyn)

    18 27.27%
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    Just Wondering...

    I've always loved Emmeline, but now I'm warming up to Emelyn too. Which do you prefer? Feel free to explain...

    (And in case you are wondering... I pronounce Emmeline as emma-leen.)
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    Well, Emmeline can be Emmalin, Emmaleen, or Emmaline (with the long i). The name has always been spelled Emmeline and pronunciation depends on your dialect/accent. Emmelyn looks just "trendified". Plus there is the Welsh name Emlyn, which is pronounced EEm-lin. Seems to me, as with Caroline, that you can pronounce the name pretty much however you wish, but I definitely prefer the Emmeline spelling. (I also prefer Caroline to Carolyn as well.)

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    I adore Emmeline! I think the sound of Emelyn is interesting but I think Emmeline in the end is less trendy and more striking.

    Good luck!
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    How about evelyn?

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    I love Emmeline but I strongly prefer the line pronunciation instead of the leen pronunciation. I prefer lyn to leen so I voted for Emelyn but both are very lovely

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