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    Vancouver, Canada
    DW's name: Lily Claire Ronan
    DH's name: Henry Connor Harris
    Year of marriage: 2000

    9: We move to London, England,
    5: We move to Los Angeles, California,
    1: We buy a new house,
    8: We have a daughter, whom we name Sadie Annabel.
    10: We have twins, whom we name Charlotte Luna "Charlie" and Finley Owen "Finn".
    3: We adopt a female shih-tzu, named Daisy.
    4: We have g/g/b triplets, whom we name Natalie Abigail "Nat", Benjamin Adam "Ben" and Katherine Leah "Kate".
    7: We adopt a female American Shorthair named Jess.
    6: We adopt a baby girl named Eleanor Rose "Nora".
    2: We have a baby girl named Lucy Elisabeth.

    DD: Sadie Annabel [7]
    DD/DS: Charlotte Luna "Charlie"/Finley Owen "Finn" [6]
    DD/DD/DS: Natalie Abigail "Nat"/Benjamin Adam "Ben"/Katherine Leah "Kate" [4]
    DD: Eleanor Rose "Nora" [2]
    DD: Lucy Elisabeth [1]

    Ddog: Daisy (Shih-Tzu) [5]
    Dcat: Jess (American Shorthair) [3]

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    First, name the couple and decide on their year of marriage. Next, roll the dice for each year to find out what happens to your couple over the course of ten years. Write your own story as you play the game.

    DW's name: Harper London
    DH's name: Indio Kingstno
    Year of marriage: 2014

    If you roll a...

    2014: 1: You and DH buy a new house. What does it look like? Roll the dice
    1 or 2:

    2015: 2: You get pregnant! What is the baby's name & gender?
    3 or 4: A girl; first name is your favorite girl's name, middle name honors your mother or grandmother
    Electra Irene

    2016: 3: You and DH adopt a puppy. What kind of dog and what is his/her name? Roll the dice
    3 or 4: A female shih tzu; name is a very cutesy name

    2016: 4: You get pregnant with multiples! How many babies, what are their genders, & names? Roll the dice
    7 or 8: Triplets, your choice of genders; first & middle names from
    Yesenia Lourdes, Rowan Pierre, & Marques Vaughn

    2017: 5: Your family moves to a new house in a different city. Where do you move to and what does your new home look like? Roll the dice
    5 or 6: Los Angeles, California
    5 or 6:

    2018: 6: You and DH adopt a baby! What is the baby's name & gender? Roll the dice
    1 or 2: A girl; initials are N.A.
    Nicola Avalon

    2019: 7: Your family adopts a kitten. What kind of cat is it & what is his/her name? Roll the dice
    1 or 2: A female American longhair; name is after a character from your favorite Disney character

    2020: 8: You get pregnant! How many babies do you have, what are the genders, and what are their names? Roll the dice
    7 or 8: Quadruplets, your choice of genders; first & middle names from
    Mercedes Fernanda, Talia Nathalie, Emmanuel Darien, & Arman Ignacio

    2021: 9: Your family moves to a foreign country. What country and what does your new house look like? Roll the dice
    9 or 10: Rome, Italy
    9 or 10:

    2022: 10: TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY UP TO YOU!!! Whatever happens in the year you roll this number is your decision. Do you have a baby? Or experience another life event? Let your imagination run wild!
    We move to London, England

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    West Midlands, UK
    W: Mae Antonia {Paxman}
    H: Van Christopher Lawson
    Year of Marriage: 2003

    YR1: Van and I decide to buy a house fit for a family instead of staying in the pokey flat we got when we first began dating.

    YR2: With a nice big house I want a baby to fill it, luckily conception comes easily to us and I am well on my way to becoming a mummy. At the 20 wk scan everybody - including the midwife - is shocked to learn I'm carrying twins! When they are born we name the bigger of the two Tobias Henry and the smaller (the cheeky one who was hiding on our first scan) Sebastian Keith.

    YR3: While the twins are still young, Van and I realise our dream of living in Paris and buy a house there:

    YR4: France wasn't all it was cracked up to be and we miss our family like crazy, so Van and I decide to move back to London:

    YR5: As soon as the test comes back positive I know it is twins. I don't need a scan but it is nice for a professional to agree with me. Our twins aren't identical this time but fraternal girls that we name Rose Natasha and Kate Matilda.

    YR6: The boys aren't all impressed with their new sisters and are begging for a pet. I refuse to have a dog but compromise with a kitten, we go to the shelter and they pick out a male black and white moggy that they name Sid.

    YR7: I am wary of moving again because of how Paris turned out, but Van convinces me to give America a shot before the children get too old. Reluctantly we move the family to LA, California:

    YR8: The boys have Sid and now the girls are begging for a pet of their own. Shih Tzus are very popular around where we live and they're cute so I allow us to adopt a female that the twins name Mimi.

    YR9: Van refuses to walk Mimi in her sparkly pink harness and says he wants a "man's dog" I only understand what he means when he arrives home one day with a Rottweiler puppy named Spark.

    YR10: The kids and our animals are starting to outgrow our house a bit so Van suggests a complete move! We end up the other side of America in Syracuse, New York:

    ~The Lawson Family =
    Mae (39) and Van (37) with: Tobias (8), Seb (8), Rose (5), Kate (5); Sid (4), Mimi (2) and Spark (1.5).
    Hakuna Matata * Ohana
    Octavia ~ Clark ~ Nina ~ Marshall

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    DW's name: Effy
    DH's name: Jack
    Year of marriage: 2015

    YEAR 1:

    YEAR 2:
    Boy, second favorite boy's name and traditional name: Oliver James "Oli"

    YEAR 3:
    A female Siberian husky: Jessie

    YEAR 4:
    Triplets, your choice of genders:
    ♥BOY #1: Noah Alexander
    ♥GIRL #1: Hayley Elizabeth
    ♥BOY #2: Lucas Jack

    YEAR 5:
    City: Boston, Massachusetts

    YEAR 6: A girl: Nancy Alexandrea

    YEAR 7: A female American longhair; name is after a character from your favorite Disney character: Sally

    YEAR 8: One baby, your choice of gender: Clementine August

    YEAR 9:
    Country: London, England

    10: TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY UP TO YOU!!! We move back to our home-town where we grew up in Baltimore, MD

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    West Midlands, UK
    W: Josephine Victoria {Paxton}
    H: Luke Benjamin Tank
    Year of marriage: 2003

    Year1: Luke and I decide to move to Sydney, Australia as it is a dream we have both shared since childhood. We purchase a beautiful home:

    Year2: Whilst getting to know Sydney, Luke and I are told about the care home and adoption services, we fall in love with a two year old girl after hearing her story about how she found wandering lost and dirty on the streets. We keep her name for consistency, she is called Penelope Louise.

    Year3: With Nell a very mobile and curious three year old, I convince Luke to move out of the city and into the countryside. Once settled we buy a pony called Shelly for Nell to learn to ride.

    Year4: Due to Luke's work we are forced to move back to England, to the outskirts of London. We purchase a beautiful house: but Nell is distressed at the thought of leaving Shelly behind. Not wanting to part the friends Luke pays through the nose to have the animals transported across the world.

    Year5: Although Nell loves Shelly, she can't really cuddle her on her lap, to make the new house feel more comfortable Luke and I adopt a female Birman cat which we name Swift.

    Year6: Nell loves Swift and Luke and I agree to adopt a friend, another girl but this time an orange American Longhair whom we name Nala.

    Year7: Nell is a smart seven year old now but moans constantly that she doesn't have a brother or sister to play with. Unable to conceive and after successfully adopting Nell herself, Luke and I decide to contact the British authorities and get paired with a five year old girl called Amelia Robyn.

    Year8: I didn't *want* to become a "cat lady" but Nell is begging for another kitten on behalf of her quiet sister, and it isn't long before Luke and I cave. We adopt another female American longhair which we let Mia name Marie.

    Year9: Much against my best judgement I allow Luke to persuade me that our lives would be better if we were to move to Rome, Italy. The girls take a lot more convincing but eventually we settle into our new home:

    Year10: The girls are struggling immensely to settle in Italy so Luke and I adopt a female Siberian husky from a local shelter for the girls to walk around the parks. We keep her name: Alice.

    The Tank Family:
    Jo (40) and Luke (37) with: Nell (10) and Mia (8); Shelly (9), Swift (5), Nala (4), Marie (2) and Alice (2)!
    Hakuna Matata * Ohana
    Octavia ~ Clark ~ Nina ~ Marshall

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