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    FL, USA
    DW's name: Michelle Susan
    DH's name: James Robert
    Year of marriage: 2003

    1: You and DH buy a new house, perfect for a family!

    2: You get pregnant! It’s a girl! Her name is Norma Katherine.

    3: You and DH adopt a puppy. It’s a boy Golden Retriever named Max!

    4: You get pregnant with multiples! Boy/girl twins named Lily Grace and Luke Eli.

    5: Your family moves to a new house in a different city. We move to Richmond, VA and this is the house:

    6: You and DH adopt a baby! It’s a girl named Makayla Annette!

    7: Your family adopts a kitten. It’s a male California Spangled Cat names Tiger!

    8: You get pregnant! Twin girls named Lola Rhiannon and Layla Alice.

    9: Your family moves to Toronto, Canada. This is the house:

    10: Michelle and James miss having babies around the house, so in January, they turn to fertility treatments. They later find out that they are expecting quintuplets! The real kicker…they are all girls! Their names are Ava Claire, Amelia Sophronia, Alyssa Marie, Annistyn Rose, and Adecyn Jayne.

    Annabel, Carlotta, Tamar, Jubilee, Lorelei, Lola, Josie, Alice, Indira, Claire, Liliosa, Vivienne, Ella, Abigail, Ivy

    Jameson, Samuel, Archer, Dominic, Barnaby, Paul, Henry, Oliver, Jadon, Isaac, Harrison, Lawson, Ezra, Rhys

    "The most beautiful voice in the world is that of an educated Southern woman."
    (Stolen from @tabby)

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    The Lafferty Family:

    W: June Bethany {Jones}
    H: Eugene Francis
    Year of Marriage: 2003

    Year1: June and Gene adopt a kitten to fill their very empty house. He is a California Spangled that they name Fox.

    Year2: Unable to get pregnant and not yet wanting to turn to fertility drugs, June and Gene adopt a newborn baby boy whom they name Tobias Henry.

    Year3: After the successful adoption of Tobias, June and Gene once again go through the same agency to bring home baby Jeremy Beckett.

    Year4: June, Gene and the boys move from the USA to London, England, to a beautiful house:

    Year5: Although they had a beautiful home, June craves the countryside so they move out of London to a large country home:

    Year6: It must have been the country air! June is pregnant with their third son. He is named Sebastian James.

    Year7: Much to the disappointment of Fox, June and Gene give in to the boys' pleads for a puppy. The family adopt a young male German Shepherd that is named Rex.

    Year8: Although the family were loving England, Gene's work takes them back to the US, to LA, California:

    Year9: June gets pregnant with their fourth son, he is named Roman Atticus.

    Year10: For the last time - so says Gene - the family move from the USA to Sydney, Australia:

    ~"The Lafftery Family = June (35) and Gene (32) with: Tobias (8), Jem (7), Seb (4), Roman (1); Fox (9.5) and Rex (3)."~
    Hakuna Matata * Ohana
    Octavia ~ Clark ~ Nina ~ Marshall

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    Me: Freya Louise {Jameson}
    Hubby: Gregory Vance Pitter
    Year of marriage: 2013

    Yr1: Our new house is quite empty with just the two of us so Greg and I adopt a young female Siberian husky from a local shelter. After much debate I chose her name: Penelope.

    Yr2: We love Penelope so much that we want to get her a friend to play with, we Greg and I go to the same shelter we had her from and adopt a male German Shepherd. I let Greg pick his name: Jeremy.

    Yr3: Our house might have been big enough for Nell but with both dogs running around it feels squashed! So Greg and I decide to move more into the countryside:

    Yr4: The commute into work from our new house is driving Greg nuts but I still want the countryside living. A compromise means another house move:

    Yr5: We were happy in our new house but a promotion means a re-location for Greg and therefore all of us, his work takes us to Syracuse, New York, to a new house:

    Yr6: While walking Nell and Jem one day we come across an abandoned puppy tied to a fence, after a once over by the vet I persuade Greg to adopt the Siberian husky female. I name her Henrietta.

    Yr7: I get pregnant! After all this time Greg and I never thought it would happen. But after nine months we are rewarded with a gorgeous girl; we name her Kate Caroline.

    Yr8: Although being a parent is a fun full-time job, I couldn't help popping into the dog shelter for just a quick look. Greg isn't impressed when I fall for a shih Tzu. He insist on naming her and chooses Lulu.

    Yr9: Kate finds the dogs all a bit too big to play with, so I persuade Greg into letting us adopt a kitten for Kate to be friends with. He reluctantly agrees and at a local shelter our daughter picks out a male ginger moggy that she names Simba.

    Yr10: Unable to conceive again, and wanting to give Kate a sibling, Greg and I look into adoption and are matched with an eighteen month old boy who is called Roman Beckett. Six months later we finally welcome him to the family.

    ~The Pitter Family =
    Freya (37) and Greg (34) with: Kate (3), Roman (2); Nell (9), Jem (8), Etta (4), Lulu (2) and Simba (2).
    Hakuna Matata * Ohana
    Octavia ~ Clark ~ Nina ~ Marshall

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    My name is Jaycie Mai Hatton, and in 2014, at the age of 21, I married my teenage sweetheart Nathan Thomas Bowen, who was also 21.

    Year1: Our first house that we by together is grand thanks to loans from both of our parents:

    Year2: Work is hard to find for both of us, so reluctantly we move to Syracuse, New York in the search of some. The sale of our first house allows us to buy a nice second:

    Year3: After finding jobs in Syracuse, Nate and I feel that we are ready to start a family, at the twelve week scan we are informed I'm carrying identical twins. Later we find out that we are having sons; we name the boys Tobias Henry and Sebastian Keith.

    Year4: Our opposite neighbour - whom we have become very friendly with - confides in us that her teenage daughter is pregnant but is looking to adopt it because they are moving abroad. Nate and I talk about it that night and agree to offer our home, our neighbour and her daughter are grateful as they know that we will take care of the baby. The young girl has a daughter who we take right away and name Rose Nicola.

    Year5: Nate and I decide it's time for a change, and move house (again!)

    Year6: Another move for us when our twins can't settle in the area:

    Year7: Nate and I thought twins were a shock blessing, imagine our surprise when doctors inform us I'm carrying triplets! The babies are born prematurely but are healthy and are allowed out of hospital after just ten days. We name them: Jeremy James, Arthur Andrew and Matilda Mary.

    Year8: With the birth of the triplets the house suddenly became smaller, so - of course - another move was in order:

    Year9: Although I have three two years toddling around, Nate and I conceive again and deliver a beautiful boy; we name him Phoenix George.

    Year10: Tobias and Seb arrive home one day with a project from school, they are studying to climate of Australia and as their project progresses and I help them out with it I realise that my sons might be onto something. I talk to Nate and less than twelve months later we have moved our entire family half way across the world to a beautiful house in Sydney, Australia:

    ~"The Bowen Family =
    Jay (36) and Nate (33) with: Tobias (7), Seb (7), Rose (6), Jem (3), Arthur (3), Mattie (3), and Phoenix (1)."
    Hakuna Matata * Ohana
    Octavia ~ Clark ~ Nina ~ Marshall

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    First, name the couple and decide on their year of marriage. Next, roll the dice for each year to find out what happens to your couple over the course of ten years. Write your own story as you play the game.

    DW's name: Heath Robert Honeycutt
    DH's name: Jena Elise Honeycutt
    Year of marriage: 2014

    2014: A few months after the wedding, we decide to adopt a German Shepard puppy. We name him Rocko. [ ].

    2015: I get pregnant. With triplets! On June 6, I give birth to two boys and one girl. We name them Bennett Thomas, Foster Jacob and Harper Genevieve.

    2016: We quickly realize that we have outgrown our small house, and have to find someplace bigger. We find the perfect house [ ]and move in just in time for the babies' first birthday.

    2017: We decide to renovate the kids' bedrooms. We decorate Ben's with a surfer theme [ ]. Foster wants a pirate theme [ ], and Harper wants a flower theme [ ].

    2018: On October 12, I give birth to another baby boy. He looks just like Heath, so we name him Aaron Heath.

    2019: Since Harper is the only girl, we decide to get her her own pet. We adopt a kitten for her, and she decides to name it Charlie. [ ].

    2020: On April 24, I give birth to two more baby boys. We name them Lucas Chase and Dylan Blake.

    2021: It isn't long before I'm pregnant again. On August 20, I give birth to Wesley James.

    2022: Heath gets transferred across the country to Richmond, VA. We move into a gorgeous 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom house. [ ].

    2023: I guess moving across the country was our good luck charm, because I finally give Harper the little sister she always wanted, twice! On February 8, I give birth to twin girls we name Lorelei Quinn "Rory" and Julia Caroline.

    2024: Just 8 months after the girls are born, we find out we're pregnant again, and on July 2, I give birth to another little girl we name Norah Erin.

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