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    William Badger is an idea. I like it.
    Henry Badger. I like older classics for it.
    George Badger etc.
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    When I saw this I though that your husband was maybe a Firefly fan. lol
    There is a character in that show named Badger... though his character should've been called 'Weasle' instead.

    A few suggestions for a first name:

    Malcolm Badger
    Lloyd Badger
    Robert/Robin Badger
    Arden Badger
    Baxter Badger [if the rhyming thing does it for you ]
    John Badger [simple but John is a strong name]

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    Badger? That's awesome!

    I may be wrong, but I have a strong suspicion that all the replies worrying that young Badger would be picked on are from moms, not dads. As a guy, I can tell you that Badger is the opposite. His guy friends will think that's coolest name ever. Kids get picked on for nerdy-sounding names, not outside-the-box rough-and-tumble names like Badger.

    You both have to like the name, but I thought you should hear from the make perspective.

    I'm typing on my phone, and Swype "corrected" the spelling of Badger as: Brasher. That's kinda cool, too. But imo Badger is a totally amazing name.

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    OMG!!! thank you so much...this is exactly what my husband thinks and me, as a mom, am terrified that he will be ridiculed. Your post is amazingly helpful!

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    Yes Badger is quite a stretch. I mean I think of just what it is... a Badger. I cannot picture Badger as a student in my class or as a name on an incoming resume

    What about other names with the same sound:


    Some other suggestions, taking stab in the dark here (not necessary ones I like, just similar feel):

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