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    Jan 2013

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    West Midlands, UK
    Declan James, Gemma Elizabeth, Silas Maximilian, and Helena Claire. (1st two my birthday, latter two my sister's). DJ, Gem, Si, and Lena.
    Current Loves: Tobias Henry and Sebastian Keith

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    Northern Ireland
    i am a 15 year old girl called Niamh Clare

    i will be using my ipad 2 or iphone 4s for this so i might have some typing errors

    my namelist:

    i would happily add more names i like to my namelist

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    Midwest USA

    my current name loves:

    for the beautiful young girl: ivy, felicity, cora, rose, flora, josephine, virginia, anastasia, louisa, francesca, clara, saskia, wren, penelope, cassia, ruth, eleanor, jane, piper, juliet, eliza, scarlett, aurora, georgia, eloise

    for the dashing young boy: theodore, felix, hugo, august, henry, caspar, jack (looking for more additions)

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    My Birthday (August 16th)
    Silas Paxton
    Helena Verity

    My Mom's Birthday (August 24th)
    Silas Lucian
    Helena Charlotte

    My Dad's Birthday (May 15th)
    Alaric Jacob
    Eloise Willow

    My Sister's Birthday (December 30th)
    Valentin York
    Juliette Melody

    My Other Sister's Birthday (October 25th)
    Camden Maximilian
    Imogen Claire
    Hannah, 15. Teenberry, story writer, story reader, Gryffindor, human rights activist, and name nerd since 10.

    (> <)
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