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    What was everyone almost named

    I was just wondering what people were almost called

    I am called Hannah but I could have been called Georgina
    If I were a boy then I would have been called Thomas (my little brothers name) or Harry
    Benedict, Sacha, Rafferty, Kingsley, Lincoln.
    Indiana, Waverley, Dakota, Oakley, Avery

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    If I was a boy I would have been mom wanted to name Brooke Elizabeth...My daughter would have been Miles Julian if she had been a boy..and I almost named her Jessa

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    I was neve named anything else, but my brother was going to be Andrew. My mom got me a cat a week before he was born and I named it Andy, so they made him Daryl Jr. And my youngest brother was supposed to be Samuel Paul, but my dad changed his mind right after he was born and named him Evan Grey before my mom woke up
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    My lovely kitties: Milo the girl and Piper the boy

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    I was almost named Åse, after grandmother Åsbjørg, but then I was born on my grandmother Ragnhild's birthday, so I'm Åshild instead, combining both their names. (Åshild is also a legit name, my parents didn't take creative liberties )

    Io + Hilda + Pixie + Virgo + Hera + Nephele + Austeja + Marjolaine + Valencia + Fiorella
    Aloysius + Tamlane + Elouan + Columba + Sulien + Artemas + Ischa + Coda + Finch + Jove


    Marjorie Hawthorn + Severine Starling + Oriana Forest + Raphaela Nettle + Ferelith Morning + Bryony Austeja + Eluned Verbena

    Orlando Larkspur + Johannes Ocean + Peregrine Amias + Alasdair Eden + Ishmael Sequoia + Arbour Tamlane + Hadrian Columba

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    The short list my mother had for me was:

    My name is Anna Beverly
    Not expecting, just collecting!

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