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Thread: MN for Julian?

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    MN for Julian?

    Julian is one of our top contenders for a boy right now, but I'm stuck on a middlename. DH likes Julian Leonidas, which I don't love.

    Edited to add: Julian Edward?

    Suggest away!
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    I think the simple Julian Leo would be stunning, although you still sort of have the "lee" sound repeating, perhaps that's what you don't like?

    Julian Silas and
    Julian Tobias

    Capture some of the sound above while being more wearable, do you like those, and does your husband?

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    Cair Paravel :)
    Julian Leonidas is pretty cool! A bit over-the-top, though, maybe.

    What about:

    Julian Leopold
    Julian Henry
    Julian Oliver
    Julian William
    Julian Patrick
    Julian Garrett
    Julian Everett
    Julian Lysander
    Julian Leander
    Julian Felix

    Good luck!
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    Thinking about Lucia Charlotte and Sebastian Harbor James today.

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