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    Smile Which of these girls names is your favourite? {+Suggestions?}

    Nicknames are in brackets

    Josephine Lilou Alice {Effy}
    Lillian June Matilda
    Arabella Vivienne Rose {Belle}
    Genevieve Ottilie Rosa
    Amélie Charlotte Ivy {May}
    Olive Penelope Hazel

    Which is your favourite?
    Do you have any suggestions for other girls names that I might like? {You can just suggest single names, they don't have to be combos}
    Katie Charlotte.

    "and when I've hit the ground, neither lost nor found, if you believe in me I'll still believe"

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    I like Amelie Charlotte Ivy with May as a nn. Normally, I don't like Ivy at all but with this it just seems to flow perfectly!

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    My Favorites-
    Lillian June Matilda - but i prefer Lillian Matilda June as it flows better. Or Matilda Lillian June
    Arabella Vivienne Rose - nice, both Arabella & Vivienne have the same eccentric personality feel. A strong name.
    Genevieve Ottilie Rosa - Im not a fan of Ottilie or Rosa, but i like the bounce in this combo, they fit together well.

    Some suggestions:
    Emmeline, Grace, Mariposa, Jane, Carlotta. Aurora, Winola, Winona, Sasson, Vera, Neeve, Nor, Joan, Isadora, Isabeau, Engracia, Allegra, Elodie, Iola, Beatrice, Hermione, Thalassa, Fenella, Tara, Martha, Susannah, Cordelia, Flora, Dove, Pearl, Ophelia, Lavinia, Adelaide, Myrtle, Maple, Fable Musidora, Millicent, Remedios. ..........?

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    My favourite is Josephine Lilou Alice, very sweet
    I also like Olive Penelope Hazel, but don't like the two tree names in one combo. Olive Penelope Alice would be better.
    I like Ottilie Rosa, but not Genevieve, so Alice Ottilie Rosa? Lillian Ivy June would also be nice.
    I'm a little different, I don't like popular names and that includes names only popular among name nerds, so Matilda, Vivienne, Genevieve and Arabella are too talked about for me (same with Beatrice/Beatrix, Imogen and Jemima).
    If I were to choose names for two daugters from your list, they would be Alice Ottilie Rosa and Olive Penelope June

    For suggestions, how about Susanna, Florence, Delphine, Cosima, Constance (nn Tansy?), Clementine, Bryony, Aurelia, Antonia, Annora, Agnes, Eva, Eleanor/Eleanora/Leonora, Elspeth/Elsa, Eugenie, Felicity, Frances, Ginevra, Gweneira, Heloise, Hester/Esther, Idony, India, Irene, Ismay, Isolde, Isadora, Jessamy, Juliet, Junia, Justine, Kerensa, Liesel, Lileas, Lorenza/Loretta, Lydia, Maeva, Mabel, Marjorie, Maud, Melusine, Nola, Noella (nn Nell?), Odessa, Ondine, Ottavia/Octavia, Phaedra, Philomena, Pomeline, Primrose, Quitterie, Ramona, Rosalie, Sabine, Stella, Sylvie/Sylvia, Tessa, Timea, Twila, Una, Ursula, Vesper, Vianne, Viola/Violeta, Willamina, Xanthe, Ysabeau, Zenobia/Zenovia, Zephyrine and Zosime?

    RUE - Rosemary Una Everild / River Ulysses Edmund
    ELM - Eulalie Loreto Maeve / Emrys Ludovic Moor
    FAE - Ferelith Audra Eyre / Finlo Amias Ever
    OWL - Ophelia Wren Leonie / Oriel Winter Laszlo
    DOE - Dagny Ostara Echo


    Idunn Lovisa + Liva Leonor + Tora Ofelia + Rosa Everild + Signe Soleia + Frøya Vivendel + Mari Ellisiv + Bjørk Alvilde
    Iver Immanuel + Olai Lavrans + Bo Alvarin + Ravn Ambros + Emre Johannes + Nor Eindride + Vilje Valentin + Trygg ?

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    Amelie Charlotte Ivy is my favorite, followed by Lillian June Matilda!

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