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    Brother for Madeline and Gabriella

    Hi, I'm Evie
    I need help finding a name for a little brother of Gabriella Pearl R. and Madeline Diem R. at the moment my top ten are

    William Christian
    Arthur Daniel
    Matthew William
    Alistair Scott
    Desmond Dalton
    Ivan Alexander
    Daniel Patrick
    Kellan Rhys
    Dalton Nicholas
    Henry David

    Any suggestions are welcome!
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    Alastair Scott is my favorite combo from what you listed.
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    I think Daniel Patrick or Arthur Daniel would work well with the sisters' names-- they all have the "el" in them. I also like Henry David with the sisters' names.

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    I think Matthew William is gorgeous!!!! It goes great with your daughters names, which are stunning by the way I also like Daniel Patrick and the fact that he would have the same letters as each girls MN, I think that would be a nice connection!

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    First off, Gabriella Pearl and Madeline Diem are absolutely stunning names!

    With them, I like Henry David, Alistair Scott and William Christian.
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