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    Christinamariane, we have had some Japanese names on this list but it's hard to find one westernized enough haha. I love Akira and Akiro, but Akira turned me off because Keira is so trendy right now. I'm certainly open to more.
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    Juliemarie, I am the same way with the nn Lenny! I used to not like it and nn would of been Nox but out of te blue I've grown quite fond of it. Which I like even more, because it fits our style. A name that makes you go Hmmmmmm? And then before you know it it's grown I you and you dot remember ever knowing it another way.
    Mommy to Ivory (the cat), Hudson (the bulldog mix), and LittleFoot aka Lilla (the lab x terrier).

    Our little girl is due February 2013.

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    You have awide variety of styles and taste, which I rather envy, ok here goes! (from your original list)

    Gloria: This does feel dated to me, I think partly because I know 2 Gloria's my mother's age. Beyond that I like it.
    Avelyn: Not a huge fan of Lyn anything, I prefer Avalon, even just Ava, which I'm sure is too popular for your tastes.
    Anouk: LOVE. My favorite name for ages. If I am lucky enough to have a girl, she will be an Anouk. I think it sounds fine with your last name. I could only see a problem with a surname starting with K or maybe a sharp N sound in the last name.

    Lyric: I like it, I prefer other word names like Story, Fable, but I can understand the appeal.
    Rosalie/Roselyn: I am Biased as I can't stand Rose names (so overused and cutesy), except for Rosefinch and Primrose! Sorry no help on this one.
    Sloane: I like Sloane, it seems to get very divided opinions as some find it very masculine. I think it's a strong name for a girl.
    Ophelia: I don't have a problem with Shakespeare heroine thing, I knew an Ophelia in High School and she did not have any issues. Still for an O name, it's not my favorite sound. the phelia part turns me off a bit.
    Arden/Arwen: Love both of these for girls. Arwen is quite LOTR but so what, and Arden is lovely.
    Luna: I would avoid due to the dog thing, It's pretty but I always feel like something is missing with this name.
    Alba/Alma:Hmm I would not imagine the nn AL would come naturally for a girl. Ally is more likely. I adore Alma, I just love it -so very vintage and underused. Alba is very pretty too.
    Evrose: Not a fan of Eve or Rose so No.
    Arianne: I don't really care for this name or Adrienne or similar names. I see the Anne in it and think just plain Anna would be better. I am not a fan of Ari I suppose.
    Raina: Pretty..
    Millicent: I go back and forth on this one! There is something very put together and classic about it, but I don't know how wearable it is as a full name. I think Milly is inevitable, which is cute.
    Esmé: I've never seen Twilight, so I don't associate it with that. It's a lovely name with nice Literary connections. Probably my favorite on your list after Anouk.
    Emmelyn/Emlyn/Emelyn/Emalyn: Emmeline/Emeline/Emmaline: I like Emmaline. the rest don't do anything for me, especially the lyn endings.
    Maple: Adorable!
    Zahra: I like it, but I prefer Zara too.
    Fianna: Not really a fan. I like Finola though.
    Quincy: I agree with both you and your DH. Lovely.
    Arielle: NMS.
    Chenault: Interesting, it is a little surname sounding. But I'm intrigued
    Darynn: Too masculine.
    Emerance/Emerence: Lovely.
    Lumen: I like it I prefer this to Luna.
    Noella: very pretty. A nice variation on Noelle and Ella.

    Edmond: I woud use this as a middle name, given your family associations with it.
    Daxton: Not a big fan, but Dexter I like.
    Emrys: Lovely name. Really a great pick.
    Huxley: I almost love it.
    Lennox: I like it.
    Remington: NMS. Don't care for the full name at all, but Remi is a nice NN.
    Marlow: Love this on a boy or girl. It reminds me of 1940's detective movies. Quite stylish.
    Griffin: seems a bit dated and NMS
    Lucian: I always think this looks too close to Lucifer. Lucas or Luca is nice.
    Trace: Not a fan.
    Sullivan: Lovely name. I think Sully is so cute too.
    Maxfield: I prefer a different name to get Max, Maximillian, Maksim? I am sure there are more.
    Arlo: Love it.
    Leopold: I like it.
    Edison: I like it. I know a teenager with this name. He goes by Edison no nn's.
    Edwin: nice.
    Fitzroy/Fitzgerald: Reminds me more of the author F. Scott Fitzgerald. It's a bit of a heavy name. Have you thought of Fritz?
    Jetson: Reminds me of the Jetsons cartoon show.
    Montgomery: Love it, perhaps because I love the actor Montgomery Clift, Monty is very cute. Although it may remind some of The Simpsons.
    Quinten: I like it.
    Vincent: I like it but I'm not a fan of the nn Vinny.
    Rafferty: Dislike.
    Phineas: It's okay. But it seems like you have vetoed it, no great loss!
    Django: NMS
    Goodwyn: Not really a fan of such a virtue heavy name. Love the wyn ending.

    Unisex-Marlyn: Ambivelent, I think you have better names on both your lists
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    Thanks for your input blue dahlia, everyone has been so helpful! I have SO many more names I love and yes, a variety of style haha. I like the name Avalon BUT I want to avoid Ava, one because of popularity and two because my moms BFF who I have known since I was a kid is Eva, and so that's another reason why I am vetoing Ev/Av names. A lot of ppl cal out Jetson because of the cartoon, and I'm guilty in satin its actually a reason why I love it haha my hesitation is our dog is Hudson, the son ending is a bit too similar. I love Noella because it's delicately feminine and in French Canadians it is quite well known, I talk to ppl from QC all the time with this name. Since we don't like in QC it doesn't bother me.
    Mommy to Ivory (the cat), Hudson (the bulldog mix), and LittleFoot aka Lilla (the lab x terrier).

    Our little girl is due February 2013.

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    I dont know why I forgot this but Lumen is a light measurement, so Im not sure if I would use it. I remember seeing this come up as a name before and saying that but I totally forgot because all I could think about was the makeup brand Lumene lol.
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