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    Are there any statistics or stereotypes associated with male 1 syllable names?

    For example, supposedly boys with misspelled or overly unique names are more likely to have learning delays. Or, Boys whose name starts with J are more likely to make more money then other beginning letters.

    What about your personal feelings. When meeting a boy or man with a 1 syllable name, do you ever assume anything about them?
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    No idea on the statistics but as far as personal thoughts or associations I make with one-syllable names, it totally depends on the name. I mean there are infinite categories that one-syllable names could be a part of. There's classic/biblical names like John, Luke, or Marc (can't really make any assumptions about those); there's dated names like Paul, Craig, Roy (I would assume they are middle-aged men); modern inventions or trendy names like Blaze, Jax, Knox, etc. Old school surfer names, names that are nicknames, international names, etc., etc. They're really not all one category just because they're all one-syllable.

    That's very interesting though about the correlation between youneek names and learning delays. One more reason to stop the kre8ivity nonsense!!
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    Another excellent illustration of how correlation does not equal causation.

    I don't think any stereotype in the world could be applied to both Pierce and Jeb, or Giles and Floyd.
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    I don't know of any studies, statistics or stereotypes about one syllable names. As littlemrsb and blade said, one syllable names vary quite a lot. There are some fascinating studies on names though!
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    There are some great studies I tried googling but didn't turn anything up. 1 syllable names are usually shorter and easy to spell... i wonder if academically that would have any kind of effect.

    IMO most sound very manly, sharp, to the point and I would expect a young man to be the same. I know that most super hero's only have 4 or less syllables in their last and first named combined to help them be memorable. I wonder if that is true. Would a young man with a short crisp name be more memorable? Could this help him be more successful?
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