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Thread: Dice game

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    DH: Matthew Isaac
    DW: Charlotte Olivia

    DS: Sebastian Wade
    DS: Samuel Jude
    DS/DD: Spencer Reed & Aurora Kate
    DD: Amelia Neve (Adopted from England)
    DS: Skye Leaf (Adopted locally)

    DOG: Jim Morrison
    CAT: Jack Sparrow

    Matt & Charlie w/ Sebby, Sam, Spence, Rory, Mila, & Skye + Jim & Jack.

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    United Kingdom
    DH - Matthew Leo (38)
    DW - Julia Grace (37)

    DS/DS - Atticus Kai & Milo Wade (16)
    DD - Coralia Mishell 'Cora' (13)
    DD- Violet Lena (10)
    DS - Lennon Jude 'adopted from South Africa' (6)
    DD- Blair Acacia 'adopted from a local orphanage' (3)

    Matthew & Julia with Atticus, Milo, Coralia, Violet, Lennon & Blair

    Pet - hedgehog named Presley & dog named Remus

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    Eastern US
    The Bosko Family

    DH: Richard Thomas, "Rich"
    DW: Julia Caroline, "Jules" (nee Reed)

    DS: Dexter Caspian, "Dex"
    DS: Phineas Archibald, "Finn"
    Hedgehog: Martin Freeman
    DD/DS: Viviene Olive, "Viv" & Henry Jack, "Huck"
    DS: Luca Reed (adopted from Croatia)
    Dog: Doc Watson
    DD: Claire Laurel (adopted)

    Rich & Jules = Dex, Finn, Viv, Huck, Luca, & Claire

    + Martin Freeman (hedgehog) & Doc Watson (dog)
    * A Nameberry Nightmare*

    Mr. Fry: So, what should we name him?
    Mrs. Fry: Uh, you pick. I picked dinner last night.
    Mr. Fry: Well, I was thinking of Philip. After those screwdrivers?
    Mrs. Fry: That's a great idea! More morphine, please.

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