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    Andrew Thomas 38
    Charlotte Anne 32

    First pregnancy.
    Roman Moses - 10
    Hudson Asher - 10

    Second pregnancy.
    Ethan Spencer

    Your family decides to get a pet and name him/her after a famous person (your choice). If you get a:
    Dog = Charlie

    Third pregnancy.
    Duncan Joseph - 5
    Reed Sawyer - 5

    You decide to adopt from another country Australia.
    Amelia Rain - 4

    Your husband decides to adopt another pet.
    Obi the Beagle

    Second adoption. This time you visit a local orphanage.
    Miles Linden - Newborn
    Mom to Isaiah Gabriel (4/26/06), Zachariah Xavier (2/4/10), Obadiah Malachi (2/9/11, angel), Theodore Ronan (8/24/12, angel)

    Favorite Boys: Abel, Abram, Amos, Asaph, Ezra, Finnian, Henry, Julian, Josiah, Lucas, Malachi, Oliver, Owen, Quentin, Roman, Tobiah/Tobias, Vincent, William

    Favorite Girls: Adelina/Adeline, Agatha, Agnes, Beatrice, Camilla, Edith, Francesca, Joanna, Josephine, Moriah, Margaret, Madeleine, Martha, Matilda, Naomi, Rosalie, Rose, Rebecca, Seraphina, Vivian

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