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Thread: Dice game

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    Apr 2012
    DD: Delilah Bay
    DD: Melody Lola
    DD/DD: Aria Brynn & Lucia Quinn
    DS: Rupert Grey (adopted from Britain)
    DS: Jude Forrest (adopted from America)

    Dog- Tana & Britt-Britt
    My Ever-Changing Eclectic Little List:
    ♫ Alexander, Archer, Caius, Griffin, Jasper, Julian, Theodor, Wesley, Zackary ♫
    ♡ Aria, Ariella, Calliope, Estella, Isobel/Isabelle, Johanna, Marin, Prudence, Rosalie ♡

    Mama to a kitty named Arion Blue
    Auntie to Carson Wade (7/18/2013)

    Vote on some of my names here:

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    Mar 2011
    American Midwest
    Katherine Jane (Kate)
    Andrew Charles (Drew)

    1. Ruby Cordelia
    2. Adella Pearl
    3. Guinea Pig - Hendrix
    4. Athena True
    5. Callum Flynn (Cal)
    6. Dog - Wicket
    7. Maeve Juniper
    Top 20
    Rafferty~Leo(Leander)~Tobin~Archie(Archer)~Ike(Mic ah)

    Willa(Wilhelmina)~Selah~Lettie(Arletta)~Romy(Rosem ary)~Cora(Coretta)
    Cecelia/Celia~Calla(Calista)~Nola(Magnolia)~Winnie(Winola) ~Maeve
    Rosalie~Maisy~Tilly(Matilda)~Ada(Adelaide)~Junie(J uniper)

    formerly chrbaker

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    May 2009
    DW: Caroline Margaret
    DH: Andrew Joseph

    1st Pregnancy: B/B twins!
    - Levi River
    - Luca Hudson

    2nd Pregnancy: a girl!
    - Molly Madison

    Pet: A goldfish!
    - Elvis

    3rd Pregnancy: a boy!
    - Andrew Jack

    Adopt: a girl!
    - Grace "Gracie" Maeve

    Adopt: a boy!
    - Cole Forrest

    our house:
    master: Andrew and Caroline -
    bd1: Levi and Luca -
    bd2: Molly and Gracie -
    bd3: Andrew and Cole -

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    Nov 2009
    Your name and spouse's name are: Andrew James Trass and Caroline Anne Trass

    First pregnancy is a girl.
    Piper Firth Trass

    Second pregnancy is a girl/
    Alana Madison Tras

    Your family decides to get a pet and name him/her after a famous person (your choice). We get a Guinea Pig named Sylvester.

    Third pregnancy is a girl.
    Adalynn Harlow Trass

    You decide to adopt from Spain. We get a baby girl.
    Maya Reese Trass

    You decide to get a dog. Named Heathcliff

    Second adoption. This time you visit a local orphanage. We get a boy.
    Eli Linden Trass

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    Jan 2012
    DH: Charles Joseph
    DW: Jane Elizabeth

    DS: August Caspian
    DD: Molly Avalon
    DS: Reed Jackson
    DD: Josephine Fleur
    DS: Austin Pine


    Current Favorites: Emmeline, Claire, Iris, Verity, Jane, Freya, Josephine, Quinn, Andromeda, Xanthe, Claudia, Kenzie, Molly, Henrietta, Elodie, Schuyler, Famke, Rowan, Addison, Jade

    Caspian, Bennett, Rafferty, Jameson, Ezra, August, Phoenix, Holden, Grayson, Mercer, Josiah, Oliver, Harry, Callen, Arthur, Liam, Montgomery, Kai, Ulysses, Charlie

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