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    CAF these initials

    Thought it would be fun to use my own family's initials

    1st Generation

    DH: C
    DW: LE
    - DS1: A
    - DD1: IB
    - DD2: AM "M"
    - DS2: JT


    2nd Generation

    DS1: A
    DW: M
    - DGS1: T

    DD1: IB
    DH: S
    - DGD1: AM "S"

    DD2: AM "M"
    DH: V
    - DGD2: T

    DS2: JT
    DW1: S
    - DGS2: T
    - DGD3: DC
    DW2: K
    - DGD4: J


    3rd Generation

    DGS1: T
    DW: T
    - DGGS1: A

    DGD1: AM "S"
    DH1: KL
    - DGGD1: ZE
    DH2: TG
    - DGGD2: IE

    DGD2: T
    - DGGD3: L

    DGS2: T
    DW: L
    - DGGD4: SE
    - DGGD5: AL

    DGD3: DC
    DH: R

    DGS/DGD: Grandson/granddaughter of C & LE.
    DGGS/DGGD: Great-grandson/great-granddaughter of C & LE.
    Zelia • Twenty • Film, history and royalty connoisseur • I have a personal blog and one about royalty
    Exporting old Danish names, Greenlandic names and Greenlandic sibling names
    Henry Ásgeirr Edmund • Amaury Charles Théoden "Theo" • Alexander Adelin Lórien "Sasha" • Asa Edouard Ivik
    Cosima Ingrid Zenobia "Mimi" • Johanna Ivalo Galadriel "Anna" • Gaia Margaret Undómiel • Asta Catherine Françoise

    And for the moment: Atticus Aksel Inigo • Aviaaja Cleopatra Hero "Avi" • Fabiola Agnes Lúthien

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    1st Generation

    DH: Christopher Matthew
    DW: Lauren Elizabeth
    - DS1: Adam Christopher
    - DD1: Isabelle Bethany
    - DD2: Amanda Michelle "Mandy"
    - DS2: Jason Thomas


    2nd Generation

    DS1: Adam Christopher
    DW: Meredith Rose
    - DGS1: Timothy Christopher

    DD1: Isabelle Bethany
    DH: Stephen Daniel
    - DGD1: Alexandra Megan "Sasha"

    DD2: Amanda Michelle "Mandy"
    DH: Vincent Anthony
    - DGD2: Tessa Noelle

    DS2: Jason Thomas
    DW1: Sarah Jane
    - DGS2: Thomas Jason
    - DGD3: Danielle Charlotte
    DW2: Kathryn Grace
    - DGD4: Julia Lauren


    3rd Generation

    DGS1: Timothy Christopher
    DW: Teagan Maeve
    - DGGS1: Aidan Christopher

    DGD1: Alexandra Megan "Sasha"
    DH1: Kyle Lucas
    - DGGD1: Zachary Ethan
    DH2: Trevor Garrett
    - DGGD2: Isla Elizabeth

    DGD2: Tessa Noelle
    - DGGD3: Lily Simone

    DGS2: Thomas Jason
    DW: Lucy Rebecca
    - DGGD4: Savannah Elizabeth
    - DGGD5: Aurora Laurel

    DGD3: Danielle Charlotte
    DH: Ryan James

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    1st Generation

    DH: Conrad Miles
    DW: Leona Elspeth
    - DS1: Archer Miles
    - DD1: Imogen Blair
    - DD2: Ada Mirabel "Mira"
    - DS2: Jasper Tyne


    2nd Generation

    DS1: Archer Miles
    DW: Malin Rosalie
    - DGS1: Tristan Miles

    DD1: Imogen Blair
    DH: Sebastian James
    - DGD1: Alexandra May "Sasha"

    DD2: Ada Mirabel "Mira"
    DH: Vincent Paul
    - DGD2: Theodora Mirabel

    DS2: Jasper Tyne
    DW1: Sage Marie
    - DGS2: Tyne Conrad
    - DGD3: Deva Claire
    DW2: Katherine
    - DGD4: Junia Catherine


    3rd Generation

    DGS1: Tristan Miles
    DW: Tessa Ruby
    - DGGS1: Archer Miles

    DGD1: Alexandra May "Sasha"
    DH1: Kieran Lesley
    - DGGD1: Zadie Elinor
    DH2: Thomas Gray
    - DGGD2: Isla Elspeth

    DGD2: Theodora Mirabel
    - DGGD3: Leonora Marie

    DGS2: Tyne Conrad
    DW: Lily Sophia
    - DGGD4: Sage Emerald
    - DGGD5: Alma Lotus

    DGD3: Deva Claire
    DH: Ronan Davis

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    1st Generation

    DH: Charles Theodore
    DW: Louise Eleanor
    - DS1: Arthur Louis
    - DD1: Isabella Beatrice
    - DD2: Adele Matilda "Matilda"
    - DS2: James Theo


    2nd Generation

    DS1: Arthur Louis
    DW: Margaret Sloane
    - DGS1: Theodore Andrew

    DD1: Isabella Beatrice
    DH: Samuel George
    - DGD1: Adele Matilda "Sammy"

    DD2: Adele Matilda "Matilda"
    DH: Vaughn Garrett
    - DGD2: Tabitha Catherine

    DS2: James Theo
    DW1: Sarah Elizabeth
    - DGS2: Theodore JamesonTeddy
    - DGD3: Delilah Clare
    DW2: Kelly Mariah
    - DGD4: Juliet Mary


    3rd Generation

    DGS1: Theodore Andrew
    DW: Tessa Florence
    - DGGS1: Andrew Travis

    DGD1: Adele Matilda "Sammy"
    DH1: Kyle Lawrence
    - DGGD1: Zoe Eleanor
    DH2: Thomas Gregory
    - DGGD2: Isabella EveIzzy

    DGD2: Tabitha Catherine
    - DGGD3: Louise Matilda

    DGS2: Theodore JamesonTeddy
    DW: Laura Charlotte
    - DGGD4: Sophia Eleanor
    - DGGD5: Adele Louise

    DGD3: Delilah Clare
    DH: Robert Steven

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    1st Generation -

    DH: Cameron
    DW: Laurie Elizabeth
    - DS1: Arlo
    - DD1: Isabel Beth
    - DD2: Amelia Madeline
    - DS2: Jacob Thomas

    2nd Generation -

    DS1: Arlo
    DW: Matilda
    - DS1: Theodore

    DD1: Isabel Beth
    DH: Samuel
    - DD1: Ava Sophia

    DD2: Amelia Madeline
    DH: Vaughn
    - DD1: Taliah

    DS2: Jacob Thomas
    DW1: Savannah
    - DS1: Toby
    - DD1: Daniela Chloe
    DW2: Kate
    - DD2: Jasmine

    3rd Generation -

    DS1: Theodore
    DW: Tabitha
    - DS1: Adam

    DD1: Ava Sophia
    DH1: Kaleb Lucas
    - DD1: Zoey Elsa
    DH2: Thomas Gregory
    - DD2: Imogen Erin

    DD1: Taliah
    - DD1: Lauren

    DS1: Toby
    DW: Lacey
    - DD1: Sian Erica
    - DD2: Amy Lola

    DD1: Daniela Chloe
    DH: Reuben

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