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    Pretty fun so I'm gonna play again, got 10 kids this time!:

    DS1: Kelvin Leo
    DS2: Alvaro Theo
    DS3: Barrett Ulises
    DD1: Ariah Melissa
    DS4: Davion Sage
    DD2: Lilia Salma
    DD3: Tatiana Kyle "Tia"
    DD4: Genevieve Jillian "Ginny"
    DS5: Marvin Stanley
    DD5: Alice Elliana

    Kelvin, Alvaro, Barrett, Ariah, Davion, Lilia, Tia, Ginny, Marvin & Alice - interesting set! Ha.
    28 year old name addict, dreaming of a future:

    Claudie, Quentin, Lilac, Otto, Mirabelle, Emrys, Thea, Xavier, Angelica, Harlan, Phoebe, Byron, Tabitha, Lennox

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